The Art Adventure begins .

Although it seems long ago, its not so long ago,   I took to my father’s habbit of filling a dairy,  religiously reporting any and all special events of the day .. then somewhere between, growing up and growing older (not wiser), that habbit just disappeared .. life today is so full of constant change and fast paced, there’s hardly any time to get chores done let alone detail them at the end of the day.. but then, occasionally I would jot down special emotions and disappointments in my word diary .. and now this ! where have we landed !

Eversince I can remember, I loved to draw or paint or write stories, play with dough or spend hours together with my tiny toys creating acts for an imaginary drama .. ( TRUE CANCERIAN ) I love to mimic and love to play puppetry.. but like so many other things my creativity too took a back seat, occasionally popping up only for solutions not really for creating .. until like many pregnant women, only with my third baby’s pregnancy did my creativity juices start to “OVER FLOW”  My mind was always racing with wild ideas to fill a canvas or model an art project.    

The little study desk at the corner of my bedroom, gradually started bulging with tools and supplies,  until ofcourse my darling husband, put some more shelves to carry my load of rubberstamps and cutters and what not ! 

Initially I was simply creating crafty little decorating items to hang around the house and since I’ve always been so passionately  involved with recyling, naturally my neighbours and friends were surprised how I could transform household trash to such usable items… lots of encouragment and applause later, I actually decided to have a craft party for my oldest son’s birthday, Bilal, who then studied in School of Research Science in Dubai. Oh yes, my four year old then and now 5 years later, still fancies “Dinosaurs” the theme came naturally, so it was .. from the invitations to the thank you cards to the winner cards .. EVERYTHING was planned and executed by lil o me. Oh boy ! there were times, I wondered what got into me in the first place to accept such a challenge with 2 toddlers and an infant at home !! but in the end, it was all worth it.  3 games + 3 crafts + dino gift packs and a lounge room which looked like a volcano jungle, later … the fun had just begun, I had calls pouring in for party organizing  !!!!   Wow … Where we land !