When the going gets tough ..

Sometimes, we are so absorbed by our own trivial and big issues that we forget to be grateful for what we have been blessed with, taking it for granted, like we almost “deserve ” what we get ! 

Although I felt today could not get any worse, but then it had to happen. Eman my little son .. hes only six but its his tiny fragile fiqure that worries me, he fractured his right arm.  When Samie was back with the kids, upon noticing Eman’s arm, my panic button was suddenly switched on … there was a rush of anxiety and I think more than anything else, I had that strong sense of Deja vu !! I was nearly 10, when I had fractured my right arm too. Now It almost seems like it happened in a different world ! But I knew, exactly how Eman felt when we fled with him to The American hospital ! I learnt from my own sad and lonely experience, that he was primarily very scard  not knowing what was en-store for him, the pain was excruciating but the anxiety was overwhelming .. I was constantly assuring him that it was not his fault .. He was so brave not to shed a tear thru it all.

 Both his bones are fractured. Still I thank the Almighty, it could have been worse, this is only just a tiny inconvenience compared to the hundreds of unfortunate events we hear happening daily to little children. Upon explaining his medical condition to him, Doctor Ali asked him if he had anything to ask him, my little charmer. thought a moment and then asked if the cast would stay on “FOREVER” , when the doctor assured him, he asked if he could play the remote on the play-station !

Needless to say, his misfortune has turned lucky for him, both his elder brothers have finally given in to giving him ” extra time ” on the games !


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