On a list diet !!

On July 5th, My husband and I celebrated cherishing 10 beautiful years together, not that it was completely rosy rosy, oh we’ve had our share of turbulence, but I think Allah Swt had a perfect match for me that’s why we sailed thru those nasty rough seas holding eachother thru it all.  Coming from different cultures and up bringing, it still took us sometime to get to know, understand and adjust to each others habits, needs and temperaments.  But its a gradual process and only persistence, patience and compromise can get you thru it.

While we are on the list diet, I was thinking of listing just a few of the things that I am grateful to my Darling husband for :

I’m grateful…

1. That we’re together today and he takes so much pride in me

2.That we stood by eachother thru the most traumatc times financial and emotional including especially the birth of my third baby Eman. 

3.That he always encourages me and has immense confidence in my abilities.  

4. That having him as my best friend, I have never really needed a best friend, He understands me so well.

5. That he’s such a caring dad to Bilal, Sawaab, Eman, Keiki and Pepper 

6. That just having him at home is such a blessing, especially with all the help I get,especially during school mornings

7. That he let me keep first Keiki then Pepper when I found them even though he’s not a cat person and didn’t want them at first.

8. That he loves my cooking as much as he does.

9. That he gets along so well with my family and makes us all laugh with his crazy jokes and understanding,

10. For the beautiful new car he bought me last year.

 11. That even after all these years I have so much fun with him and look forward to his calls and in general just being with him.

12. For all the great talks we have when we make long-distance drives anywhere.

13. That he can still make my stomach flip when I look into his eyes.

14. That he still finds me attractive.

15. That he is my biggest supporter, both financially and emotionally, and has let me stay home to pursue my crazy dream of craft business these past 4 years and has always stood by my side like that for the past 10 years.

~ Truly he is my better half ~ 

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