Mission : declutter and organize the craft studio

The Organized clutter !

The Organized clutter !

Reorganizing and decluttering my craft studio seems even more of a nightmare than I had initially expected it to be. Its been nearly a month and Not even 10% of the mess is done with. There is barely any space to walk around, ;let aside organize. To make matters great, the Airconditioning conked out and the guys who came for the repair looked at the rooms upstairs as though a hurricane had hit our home. Sam is so distressed becoz of all the spill-off cartons in our master bed room.  Virtually everyday, I’ve had to deal with the fear that anytime now, the bubble is goinna burst !! Being a perfectionist has its flaws. I cant trust anyone to do he kinda work that I know I am doing and therefore, I am carrying more than my share of the load.  I will post the labels for the drawers and shelves in my next post hopefully.

Well at least it is a relief  that the boys study room is ready and looks brand new. I completely loved the colors and impact the stripes are making. I will post a photo soon enough. Also a list of all the things I learnt from my organizing escapade

Here is a list of some of the interesting sites I found which helped in the decluttering and organizing bit :

Craft room organisation 

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A practical article by Chris Casson Madden on the key points to consider when planning a craft room
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Economical solutions for craft areas and storage in the home
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Some good advice on organizing a craft room by Karen Booy
Designing Sewing and Craft Areas
Cynthia Townley Ewer advises sewers and crafters to establish an ‘activity center’ around which a room is designed


Claiming Your Space: A Guide to Reorganizing a Room and Reducing Clutter
Judy Camp discusses planing the space, visualising the activity to take place in that space, clearing out the area and decluttering and then planing from there.
Clearing Clutter To Create
Scott Andrews suggests that clutter hinders creativity and points to clear steps to declutter your life
Sewing Room Declutter
Decluttering advice from Cynthia Townley Ewer
Get Organized!
Advice on how to tackle a declutter spring clean by Lisa Hightower

Using Space Effectively 

10 Ideas for Using Your Space Effectively
Maria Gracia lists key ideas for controlling clutter in the home which can easily be applied to sewing and craft rooms

Indian School Kuwait

My charming sister Shaheen

My charming sister Shaheen

What a lovely day it turned out today. It was closest to the perfect most birthday so far. The love of my husband and children, The calls from all over from those whom I love and cheerish.  And ofcourse a lovely family meal with my sister Shaheen and her sons.

I was wondering If there is anyone out there, who has studied from Indian School of Kuwait, passed out 10th in 1987 ?  Particularly girls, It was not a co-education school so I would’nt know many or probably any of the guys.

If you happen to read this message, please do leave a message for me. Amongst my close friends were Muna Mammi Kutty, Monica Narang, Mearle Menezes, Nisha, Joesphine, Mamta Sanghvi, Reshma, Sharmishta, Naushaba, Sangeeta Vedi.   Ofcourse I have tried to find these people on Facebook as well, but I am sure they are all married and have taken their husband’s family name. Well, in any case if you do know anyone who studied from Indian School in Salmiya in Kuwait, it would be great to get in touch.