Indian School Kuwait

My charming sister Shaheen

My charming sister Shaheen

What a lovely day it turned out today. It was closest to the perfect most birthday so far. The love of my husband and children, The calls from all over from those whom I love and cheerish.  And ofcourse a lovely family meal with my sister Shaheen and her sons.

I was wondering If there is anyone out there, who has studied from Indian School of Kuwait, passed out 10th in 1987 ?  Particularly girls, It was not a co-education school so I would’nt know many or probably any of the guys.

If you happen to read this message, please do leave a message for me. Amongst my close friends were Muna Mammi Kutty, Monica Narang, Mearle Menezes, Nisha, Joesphine, Mamta Sanghvi, Reshma, Sharmishta, Naushaba, Sangeeta Vedi.   Ofcourse I have tried to find these people on Facebook as well, but I am sure they are all married and have taken their husband’s family name. Well, in any case if you do know anyone who studied from Indian School in Salmiya in Kuwait, it would be great to get in touch.


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