Getting there in progress

For all those of you who are wondering what happened to the decluttering and organizing of the Craft Studio, well good news, we are getting there. After slogging and slogging endlessly, I am almost tempted to just pack off a couple of cartons with all the misc stuff ,, they are the ones that I have problems with .. I mean where do you place some advertising door hangers which you THINK you will use one day .. or maybe a some glycerin or the scores of color pencils that keep popping up from where all not !  But we ARE getting there. Sam has been so patient infact this was my birthday gift that I had asked of him – P A T I E N C E .

My closest friend Min has just delivered a baby boy, this little one comes after 3 little girls .. I was pleasently surprised for her, coz well close as she is to me, she never mentioned the pregnancy to me ! But what matters is that she and her baby are in good health. With 3 boys in the house, there are certain times virtually every day that I find myself spilliting my hair .. I wonder what she is going to do ! She has really been brave venturing into unknown territory ! Women are not natural mothers .. We become Mothers .. it takes time .. AND one thing we need the most is “patience”  Rest tomorrow …

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