Unpredictable turn of events.

Yesterday was Sawaab’s birthday and we had decided to call our friends who are visiting from Qatar for Dinner.  Which was a coincidence. Well the preparation for dinner was extensive but I feel rather guilty coz we could’nt do anything fun for THE KIDS. Now generally, a birthday is not exactly celebrated in the convention way at our home. It is a day when we would take the boys out to an amusement park or the Dubai Ski or Umm Al Quwain Aqua Park followed by a Movie of their choice.. I LOVE animation and fairy tales So I enjoy them as much as the boys do .. ..  Perhaps this week end we’ll make up !

I am terribly under the weather today .. My sinus is getting the better of me .. But I am allergic to dust and cleaning the house before the visitors arrived just aggravated the whole thing .. Eman  couldnt believe the clean and tidy look of my bedroom and gave a shout to his brothers just to check in on the room !!

Food was great, I had slogged in the kitchen from 2:00 on and managed to make Butter chicken, Mince, Masala Chicken, Choole (a traditional dish made of chickpeas and potatoes which has a bitter sweet taste) Tuna cutlets, With Plain zeera rice, Raita, Salads and followed by Fruit cocktail and Ice Cream. The buffet set was perfect. Everyone sang songs in my praise and yes, I did forget about the excrusiating pain in both my heals for those couple of hours. Why is it that all the tire and pain just becomes apparent once the guests have gone ! Sheikh bhai was there too with his lovely boys.  Its a joy to watch those boys, so much reminds me of the difference in personallity between sham and me.

So it will be doctors today .. and hopefully after 48 hours of antibiotics I will be fit as a fiddle ! Judy arrives tomorrow. How I have missed her company. She is close to the most well learned and aware people I know. Its heavenly having good neighbours .. what say ??

2 thoughts on “Unpredictable turn of events.

  1. Sorry Vic, I did’nt quite understand in what reference are you talking about Ski Dubai and the environment ??

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