Naush’s Handmade Greeting Cards

Almost all of my cards have a three dimensional effect or feel to them.  Unique Embellishments and  charming ribbons are placed to add a touch of personality to each card. Handmade paper is frequently used to enhance the quality and texture. I go to great extents to source my embellishments and handmade paper.   

My cards are truly unique coz even after 300+ cards , I have not repeated a style so far. They are cards full of character, karisma, and individuality. They can all be framed quite easily too.     

I have eye for details and that is reflected in all my creations.

3 thoughts on “Naush’s Handmade Greeting Cards

  1. Assalamu alikum sister
    i just stumbled into u’r site, i love u’r handmade cards
    i am interested to start a new hobby
    pls can u forward me the places in dubai where i can get the basic materials for making cards

    • Hello Raihana, thank you for the compliement. I am glad you like my cards. Dubai does not have a huge market for rubberstamps etc however, you could try Elves and Fairsies in Markaz Al Jumeirah which is located on Jumeirah Beach Road. In the same lane, the very next mall too, has a shop located on the first floor which sell a whole lot of craft / painting supplies. Perhaps you could check both of these shops. If nothing else you will surely get some inspiration from them ( not to mention the dent in the pocket !! 😉 ) Craft supplies are quite expensive therefore I source my stuff from abroad. If your interested in embellishements and ribbons, try out the naif road market. It is in Deira. Although these are traditionally wholesale markets, they will oblige if you buy a dozen of a certain embellishements which is what I do. It falls cheaper that way. I hope the info helps. Please feel free to relate your experience. Regards. Naush

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