A good september day

For my regular visitors who are wondering where I have been past 3 days ? Well, I have fantastic news, well fantastic for me atleast, so finally the boys have all been enrolled in dass and I am very confident about the school, after the orientation which was yesterday, the principal’s speech was really good, to the point and you could understand what the school stands for.  I am really feeling so relieved to hand my boys to teachers whom I could see were atleast being genuine. Well that said, I dont think I should judge too soon, only time will tell.  I get my interview CD tomorrow. I had done my first TV interview with City 7, of which I will get the CD tomorrow, any of you wishing to see it please write in comments and let me know.

Ramadan Fasts are going very well so far, inspite the excruiciatingly high temperatures outside. Last two days we had iftaars out, so today it will be bhajias and fruit chaat.

Tomorrow is first day of school and I find myself terribly behind schedule for labelling and organizing and packing school bags, uniforms, shoes, and lunch bags.

But the good news is that I have gone back to sleeping by 11:00 PM and up early. Thats a relief.


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