ABC’s Of Me.


A – Available or single: nope, I have a very cute husband
B – Best friend: Samie

C – Cake or pie: I would probably say pie
D – Drink of choice: Non-Alcoholic Fruit punch
E – Essential item you use everyday: My cell phone
F – Favorite color:
G – Gummy bears or worms:
I don’t like gummy candy
H – Hometown: Dubai

I – Indulgence: So many .. fridge magnets, whicker baskets, crafty stuff, perfumes, list is endless.
J – January or February: Both are special coz it is winter.

K – Kids & names: Bilal, Sawaab, Eman.
L – Life is incomplete without? My family
M – Marriage date: July 1998

N – Number of siblings: One sister
O – Oranges or apples:
P – Phobias or fears:
Q – Fave quote:
“If Allah can get you to it, then Allah will get you thru it.”
R – Reason to smile: My husband, he makes me really happy! My kids, they are amazing!!
S – Season: I love winter – it is special.
U – Unknown fact about me: I’ve been interviewed by an international TV channel.
V- Vegetable you don’t like: Mostly all.  
W – Worst habit: 1. Being a perfectionist in how I do things. 2. Never being on time !
X – Xrays: Knee, hands, backbone, and dental.
Y – Your fave food: Changes with mood

Z – Zodiac sign: Cancer

….Now you know my ABC, next time won’t you sing with me!


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