Get organized ~ Beat the clutter ~ A shed in need : a shed indeed.

Like I said earlier, this year has to be about setting right our priorties, getting organized, and working around it to achieve the goals  .. No not trying. Trying almost makes it sound like an excuse even before making the effort. So with the Study  ” a  l   m   o   s   t ” done with the new shelves and new paper holder shelves, Samie ordered for the new Larger shed from Interplast. Now not only is this larger, it is 10″ x 8″, it is far more expensive too, but the silver lining is that they aggreed to have it installed the very next day !!!!!! Wow, could’nt have asked for more better news. So the boys came on thursday and have done a pretty neat job. check it out :

Finally its here .. ..

Finally its here .. ..

For all those of you who think, the second shed could have been avoided, plz look further :

Tons of RC cars packed, stuff stuff and more stuff.

Tons of RC cars packed, stuff stuff and more stuff.


no derth of stuff in our courtyard !

Now you know why the 2nd shed was a"MUST"

In the making..

In the making..


Saturday night we started out with the spring cleaning. It seemed like it took forever, but after heaps and heaps of stuff had been disposed .. I actually felt so redeemed !!!!!!! It really felt good although I was bone tired. Sam did all the hard work while I just kept guiding him what to place where. It’s always fantastic team work between the both of us ..

Still we have a pile of toy boxes and cartons that need to be filtered before I pack some into the shed. Well thats for another week end or maybe even a week day. With that off our backs, we’ll now start re-organizing the furniture in the courtyard.

Both of us deserve a well earned pat on the back !

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