Octomom, Fritzl .. what is the world coming to !

Octo Mom !

Octo Mom !

Ever so often, certain really really scary and abnormal headlines take the center space  of the tabloids and newspapers .. and one can only but wonder how something so absurd could happen ..  not that the newspapers report anything normal anyways, but these days I am really in shock  about certain issues :

One of the most horendous story’s I have briefly heard about is that of  the 73 year old Austrian father, Fritzl who had kept his daughter locked in the cellar for 24 years and had abused her for so many long years. It really makes me sick in the stomach to think of this man and the unfortunate girl, now 42.  Nothing could be as worse as her situation and to give birth to her father’s  children that too in the cellar !  He did not provide for any hot water, heating, no sunlight or air.  This is simply insane.  It is complete violation of a person’s worth. This poor lady is going to bear this  scar all her life,  or whatever is remaining of it.  One of the babies died at birth and he convieniently put the baby in a broiler !!!  I dont think this can be happening ~ He is a real life monster. He has got to have a demon inside him. I really cant imagine how she will ever come out of it !! It must be devastating for her, to say the least.

I read yesterday that the father admitted, he is guilty !! Dah !!! I mean, He is really a psychiatric deformed case but what was the mother doing all along ??  24 years is a long time and she gave birth to seven children during that time. It is unbelievable.  My heart goes out to this poor lady who has seen nothing but emotional and physical torment.  I understand, not every family can be normal and contain the minimum sanity but this really is beyond anything I have ever heard.

Having said that, Nadia Suleman is another weird case. She has 6 or 7 children by IVF then again goes in for IVF  ocuplets !! I mean what was she thinking ?? She is another mental sick case, she needs to be admitted to an institution. Those poor children ! She is not married, has no job, No money, mom’s house, where is stays with all her children,  is going to be evicted .!!!!!!!!!!!!  When do these people stop being so selfish ~ thinking only about themselves, greedy ~ wanting all this press coverage and self centered ~ why have so many children when you cant take care of any of them.  I really saddens me to think, how people manupulate organizations and media to gain mileage out of their situation. Again, I think, the children are the victims.  How is she going to care for the 2 or 3 autistic children in all these children. Its simply not possible.  But of course ~  help is at hand, all those charity organizations ! I mean, dont they realize this is exactly what she wanted in the first place ! why dont the social services do something about the children ??? I really wish something was done before she went for the IVF. The greedy doctor could have been stopped.

Children are a blessing, each one of them, they are to be nurtured with care and attention and love. Not merely raised like animals. How will she be able to feed them, educate them, cloth them, and even more importantly discipline them ?? Who is to blame ? Her mom, her dad, herself, or her doctor ???????? I think all of them hold equal responsibility for messing up so many tender and young lives, who dont even have a voice to speak for themselves. All this in the name of choices and rights !!  Shame.    

Do check this site for some very interesting views on Nadya’s story.



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