An adventure trip to the Sharjah Arabian Wildlife center.


snack break in the lawns of the desert park

What a fantastic day. I know alot of the Brit folks we meet in Dubai are almost always complaining about the weather in London. So as a ritual, this is around the time we get some healthy and much needed showers here in Dubai, as I hear,  a friend even experienced hail on Saturday. We have been cooped up in the house for sometime now. The spring holidays are being absolutely enjoyed. I have been resisting the temptation to ask the boys to do some handwriting so far !! copy-of-spring-holidays-sharjah-desert-park-049

 Well, in return for getting a dozen chores done on time, I treated the boys to the Desert Park in Sharjah.  Yeah, its nearly 70 – 80 Kms away from the Ranches, but I think it was well worth the effort. The Park is divided into four parts, the Botanical garden, the children’s farm, the arabian wildlife area and the sharjah museum. The museum was closed and invariably we did’nt have so much time to cover it either. The boys loved exploring the different scientific based gadets at the botanical garden, that was really very well done. There was just so much to see and experiment ! They really liked feeding the baby goats (foal).  The wildlife park just overwhelmed the boys, the cheetah, leopard, snakes, beatles, scorpions, bats and what not !  Children learn so much so effortlessly while watching first-hand, rather than drilling information into them.



It was so much fun discussing food chains and food webs in the wildlife park and fish aquariums. Nests of different birds found in the deserts and ofcourse the living conditions of different snakes.  

Amazing and beautiful
Amazing and beautiful
experimenting which resource provides more energy.
experimenting which resource provides more energy.

Young inquisitive minds

On the return the weather took a drastic turn.  The soothing drizzle turned into a heavy shower.


I just had to park the car at a distance on the side of the over bridge and take some photos !    All said and done, I completly enjoyed the rains, although I was really very alert driving considering the number of ambulances and rescue vehicles we saw, drive past us !! Well the silver lining is that the car looks washed and sparkling clean !!


 copied-spring-holidays-sharjah-desert-park-061Dinner at Raavi with samie was all but a completion to a perfectly fullfilling and lovely day.

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