Healthy and wholesome family day out.

I think, in a long time, I can frankly say that this last week was one of the best spend in a very long long time.  I made sure, the boys gotta go out and have fun. Probably coz I am terribly busy with cards or domestic chores or most of the times – I’m plain = LAZY, that I would generally let the boys go over to the park behind and have some fun, but these spring holidays they have been feeling very fullfilled – thankfully.

the champ

the champ

Yesterday, we went over to the Bowling Center.  I joined in the game and we had a blast. It was the third time that they had played the game and I must say I was so pleased to see them jumping in exceitment if they managed a fluke shot of all pins down !  Sawaab scored highest followed by Bilal and little Eman lagged behind. I think he felt a little discouraged, in any case, with his frail structure I could’nt have imagined how he could even lift the 6 pound ball, let as side swinging it !!  But he tried his best and promised to finish his meals now on, so that he gains energy !! Mom and her stories !!!   


In all honesty I think I was the one who enjoyed the most, infact we are planning on having a family bowling day !!

Sam could’nt join us in the fun but made up by taking us to the Marina area to The walk (the JBR one) They host an open handicraft market on thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The weather was lovely, the evening sea breeze was so soothing. We were in for a surprise, there was a mini exhibition of old and new fancy cars and bikes in the parking. Some vintage and some with fancy gadgets and accessories.  Some weird shapes, while some shone with opulence.  



Ofcourse the boys went all goo and gaa over it !

The market was very well organized and lots of lovely unusual items out , although we did not fancy anything enough to buy it but the experience was really nice.  

Dinner was at KFC ofcourse, our family bucket of health and goodness !! 

Every one is out enjoying the last couple of days or weeks of the beautiful weather, a drizzle here, a shower there. The dark clouds keeping sun all wrapped up. Dubai – just as it should be. 

chevvy baby

chevvy baby

We took a small walk on the shore and the boys went collecting shells and pebbles. It was so nice to watch the boys running around in the dark, pretending to be sailors sometimes, and sometimes pirates searching for treasures (shells). Major influence of Jack sparrow. Oh the boys really love this guy ! Johonny Depp – you rock ! 

We really dont have many of these kind of evenings in our life and I think, we should make time for making such lovely memories come alive.  We’re almost always absorbed in some issue, work, home, office, responsibilities, rides-5studies, hospital, bills  …………. Life has become complex. Too many webs and everybody has so much to do and so many places to reach. Every body is in a hurry .. even as you try to look relaxed watching a sunset (when was the last time, you took time out to watch a sunset ? ) there are a dozen issues rolling in that mind, so many practical issues about practise dates, next meetings, what the doctor has to say,  is the plane goina be on time, what hassels are in store ……………… we just forget that the time at hand is the most important thing in our lives, we forget to live that moment. We forget to thank the Almighty for “that” peaceful rides-7moment and for those who love us so dearly around us .  I thank the Almighty for giving me my boys and I’m glad I got to spend such a lovely day with them.  Often, I wonder why Bilal looks at my face and is able to easily say if I’m annoyed about something or not. It makes me feel quilty thinking how stressed and awful, I must seem to this little guy, who has a mom almost always frustrated and preoccupied.  This spring break was more for me to connect with the boys “with a smile” not a frown.

Any for all those curious moms who are wondering what happened to the studies : No I have still not once asked ridesthem about where their school bags are !!!! Wow, something huh ????

We need more of such family days in our lives.  These experiences are healthy and wholesome goodness.