Greeting Card In A Frame.

Its been after along time that I did a frame work for one of my neighbours, who wanted a card- in-a- frame format for her husband.

When a customer comes for such personalized work for someone so intimate, I feel I have to have some insight into the person concerned, say for instance, how old is he/she turning, what colors do they like, what temperament do they have ~ social or reclusive,  what hobbies do they enjoy, so as to incorporate a theme around some of these things, but most of the time, people really just want “ANYTHING” special without really wanting to part with any details. In this case I guessed alot to get a feel of whom I was doing the frame for.

I dont know the gentleman well enough but It was really difficult having to guess their likes and feelings when you dont really know the kinda relationship they share, what tastes they have in art etc etc.

Its a beautiful english green frame

Its a beautiful english green frame

There is really very little one can adorn the frame with 1 becoz I didn’t find a shadow frame and 2 becoz I didn’t know what hobbies he had, so I decided to use the lyrics as the base and fill it up in boxes and apertures to make it look elegant.

I have divided the frame into three main parts, the upper left one, the upper right one and the center lower area.  I concentrated on what message was going out rather than the embellishments. He would naturally be seeing this frame at all odd hours and most importantly it had to reflect how the sender felt all these years, apparently they had been married for 27 years.

Green frame is a difficult color to work with especially since I had to change the base of the frame nearly 4 times. I wanted the base to be brighter so that I could then add the ” patchwork ” in contrast colors. I think the effort was well worth it, she was completly overwhelmed. I suppose I wrote her mind .. .. .. 

spoken from the heart

spoken from the heart


A happy wife ~ a fortunate husband

A happy wife ~ a fortunate husband


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