Islamic Sites in Saudia Arabia

All these sites are of HIGH importance to Muslims.  

Please refer to my latest post of the amazing and breathtaking pictures of the Kaaba and Hajj 2010 at :

Dear Brothers and sisters, would you be able to answer of which place are these pictures ? Please leave your answer in the  comment and I will revert soon inshallah.

Picture 1)

Picture 2)

Picture 3)

Picture 4)

Picture 5)

Picture 6)

Picture 7)

Till then,

Maa salama.


9 thoughts on “Islamic Sites in Saudia Arabia

  1. Hello Dear,
    I like the way you handle things.I wish you all the best and may you go a long long way.May Allah be by your side always.Ameen

  2. i really appreciate that all over the world we have lot of mslim websites. Igrateful to Allah and thakful to websites createres.

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