Summer Art Class

I havent been able to find time to post stuff, primarily becoz, I have been  formating my syllabus for the summer camp. Its frustrating when you want to try and squeeze as many activities as possible but have to consider

  • age difference in children
  • skill difference in children
  • Certain projects get carried far longer than others
  • Certain projects dont actually help in building any skills but kids love it becoz it is fun.

I think I will be keeping the activity time as 2 – 2 1/2 hrs and now how do I manage to squeez two activities in there ??  Big question. Being a parent myself, I know how important it is that you feel the money you put in is worth it in the end. Children should learn a skill, enjoy building it and at the same time get entertained !

The last 6 week programe was jam packed with young and old ones, we had fun and it was really a sucess. 

Hmmm , lets see, I think primarily we can place two activities in a day. One would have to be the skill builder and one the ancillary activity.

I’ve noticed how most of the summer camps just treat kids as cattle and that really upsets me. When my own boys went for the summer classes to Al Nasr leisureland, it was a complete waste. They never learned anything there, they just ” hung around” the pool or the ice rink, ( not included although they had said it was a part of the deal, initially ) There were alittle more than 200 students !! I learned my lesson the hard way. No more packages for me. Although packages are economical, there is always a catch. That we find out after payments are made.   

I wish to keep smaller classes so that, while the kids do make a few friends, they learn a new skill and have someone giving them full attention. 

Anyways, its all a little bit of a messy so ONCE i have handled that, I’ll post some more

Till then ciao.

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