Some of my newest designed greeting cards.

The new designs.

The new designs.

Recently I bumbed into a site which gave me alot of creative inspiration. I realized how easy designing cards get when the sketch is provided. Such site pose challenges to us so that we can come up with spectacular colors, patterns and designs based on their sketches. I have decided to play atleast one or two of them now on !!

The site is called.

I will continue to post healthy wholesome funny and thoughtful stuffies here but this will be my last post on CreativeMominDubai for greeting cards. These cards were done alittle after we returned from Umrah in saudi arabia. I am very content with the colors and the looks of tall these cards. What say you ???

‘ll keep you’ll updated with the progress I make or even better, visit me at to see my progress for yourselves.

C ya

Dubai Metro.

One of the most spectacular achievements in Dubai’s history has got to be the DUbai Metro. It was inaugegrated on 9-9-09 at time 9pm9mins9secs. Not that Arabs are superstitious culturally but I suppose they have gotten into the habit of making records of everything.

Ofcourse the majority of the riders at the moment are maily joy riders, and probably after a month of so, they will be able to get an estimate of the real traveller. So there we were on Wednesday morning at 8:30o in the morning excietedly going thru the map at the station, and what a modern and fantastic station that is. The decor is exceedingly modern and what I fancied most was how the old generation pictures were displayed thru out Union square station.

So we started out from Mall of the Emirates station and rode to Union Square. The display board were placed prominently to indicate the arrival time of the trains. Small things that count were really well taken care off. The ride was ofcourse smooth. The feel of the train itself was very fresh, clean and new. And then ofcourse the breath taking views. How I regret not having had kept my camera on the charger for longer !!

People tend to take things for granted. I have realized the world is filled with people with “glass is half empty” mentality. People tend to bicker more …  Especially here in Dubai, people get pampered so much that they just never know how to be grateful for what has been given in ones plate. Some people can just never be satisfied leave alone happy @! 

The construction company has done an excellent job and the few teething issues are expected which is a part and parcel of every project worldwide. RTA, Road and transport authorities have taken over very well too.  They deserve a pat on the back. 

Just a few pics to share with you’ll :


the bay area, these doors open automatically only when the doors of the train open

the bay area, these doors open automatically only when the doors of the train open














This and ……. A NEW BLOG

Dear friends, I feel I have cramed in too many vast topics in this blog and just to smooth some of it out, I have decided to keep all my greeting card related stuff in another blog. To view all the new cards and challenges, that I have been participating in, follow the link please :

Ofcourse I will continue to ramble here and share all the quotes etc here, but I hope you will also come and visit me at Doodle Buddies too.

Please do give me feedback and throw your comments my way coz as much as I get all the encouragement I need from your comments, it also helps me in understanding a different perspective.

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