Some of my newest designed greeting cards.

The new designs.

The new designs.

Recently I bumbed into a site which gave me alot of creative inspiration. I realized how easy designing cards get when the sketch is provided. Such site pose challenges to us so that we can come up with spectacular colors, patterns and designs based on their sketches. I have decided to play atleast one or two of them now on !!

The site is called.

I will continue to post healthy wholesome funny and thoughtful stuffies here but this will be my last post on CreativeMominDubai for greeting cards. These cards were done alittle after we returned from Umrah in saudi arabia. I am very content with the colors and the looks of tall these cards. What say you ???

‘ll keep you’ll updated with the progress I make or even better, visit me at to see my progress for yourselves.

C ya

6 thoughts on “Some of my newest designed greeting cards.

    • Thank you for visiting and the lovely compliment Noor. Love card challenges too !! Why not visit my site which is only for craft and creativity :
      I visited your web card shop last evening and must say, you are very creative indeed. Imagine a dietition and creativity !! Lovely !!! Must meet online sometime soon and perhaps exchange some tips 🙂

  1. all your cards are super cute! =) I really enjoy looking at them. im going to start making my own soon, and i have found some inspiration through your work! =)

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