My Son ~ Eman.

My kids never seize to amaze me , especially Eman. His self confidence seems to have got a real boost ever since he joined BILD. Thank fully. His teachers, classmates and all seem to just adore him. Sometimes,  I feel he would be best suited to an acting career. He has a natural flair to act,  he is so confident on stage and his expressions are simply marvelous when he is in a play.

It amused me beyond measure when last week, as I went to pick him up from school. He had a bandage on his knee and he was limping. With a broad smile he began explaining just what had happened. His teacher peered out and explained too and said, that while they were dressing his wound, instead of crying, his humor got the best of him, and he asked,” Is this the end of my career ?? ” His teacher couldnt help herself and was laughing away too.

 Last thursday he got a merit certificate for being the most well behaved and obident student in his class. He proudly exhibited it around to us. When I told the same to his father in the evening. Sam was beside himself. He not only had him stand on the table but asked us all to clap for him to encourage him. This little brat of mine, bowed down several times before us before showering us with flying kisses and said very theatreically : 

 ” Oh thank you, thank you, thank you  …………Your very kind…………….. I have no words to say “

  Needless to say, Sam and I, exchanged glances and broke into a big laugh !! What do I do about this little fellow !!


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