A very relaible link to excellent islamic websites.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Deen.

If you are searching for reliable Islamic sites, please check out this link, which will show you a huge list of excellent sites for authentic information and hadeeths about Islam.  Please remember, the internet is an excellent tool for us to do dawaa in, but there are also some very unhealthy elements who have fabricated information on certain websites to misguide us. May Allah protect us from these elements.

Please check out this site,


Inshallah, forward these links to your friends and relatives too. The more the merrier and more jazza for us.

I am sure we all will benefit immensely from going thru these sites and applying the sunnahs in our lives. Inshallah.

I found this link in sister Sarah Asfur’s notes on facebook, one must give credit where credit is due. May Allah Bless her.

Salam Alai kum.






2 thoughts on “A very relaible link to excellent islamic websites.

  1. As salamu alaikum Naush, wa barakAllahu feek for publishing and fwd the reliable links from our eSisters Website. May Allah increase you in hasanat and join us in Jannah Firdaus al Ala.

    Sister Sarah Asfur

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