Profound thoughts and Bilal.

children in all their innocence can sometimes say such remarkably true and adult like philosphical things. I had such a moment yesterday, when I was hanging the washed linen. Naturally Pepper and Keiki were keeping me company, when Bilal came over in the courtyard. After a few minutes of play time with Pepper, he said, astonished

“Hey Mama, look at this plant growing from that crack ”

It didnt really drive my attention until he said

” Mama, so that proves, Life can grow from a single crack (in the floor too) isnt it ? ”

I am dumbfounded. How true ! Although we discussed how the seeds from the bird feeder must have somehow blown into the crack, the gardener must’ave watered the nearby plants and ofcourse our friend the sun did his job and naturally mother nature did hers.

But on a more profound thought, It is true that every life is a miracle.

It does start from exactly such a state, a small crack and Mother nature at work.

No matter how slim the chances of survival, if Allah wills who can interviene ?  

On adifferent note. : Its a lesson for us, no matter how slim the chances of survival, one must take the plunge and believe in success.  how impossible it may seem for a plant to grow from that very tiny crack, but that did’nt stop it from growing … it believed … … …

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