Four simple Hadiths

1)    Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.(PBUH) says that “if a person recite ” …..Ayatal Kursi” after every Farz Namaz then there will be nothing between him and Heaven except Death”

2) There is a Hadith that says “La Haula Wala Quuata illa billahil aliyul azeem” is such a great medicine that it cures every disease and the most minor disease it cures is “Sorrow” (Gham).

3) Another Hadith says “if a person recites surah ikhlaas (Khul huwallahu ahad…) 10 times in a day then Allah build a palace for him in the Heaven. (Subhaan Allah)”

4) And the last but not the least Allah says “spread the knowledge whatever u have …Its duty of each n every muslim”

2 thoughts on “Four simple Hadiths

    When you sneeze, then say: “Alhamdu lillaah” (All praises and thanks are to Allah.);
    Your companion should say: “Yarhamukallaah” (May Allah have mercy upon you.);
    When someone says Yarhamukallaah to you then you should say: “Yahdeekumul-laahu wa yuslihu baalakum” (May Allah guide you and set your affairs in order.)
    [Al-Bukhari 7/125]

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