I killed the kitten.

Late November last year, we went over to Dibba, Fujeirah for a weekend. While we were there, a tiny kitten found her way under our parked  car. She limped all the way behind the boys, and grabbed hungrily at all the scraps we offered her. She looked awfully sick and had a terribly swollen leg, which she was tiresomely dragging around. It broke my heart to see this poor thing. Becoz it was the port area and in all probability, some of the rough drivers while reversing or toeing their boats had crushed her foot. She looked in so much pain. I knew I just had to help some how.

The boys took to her immediately. Somehow amazingly samie also didnt mind her. That gave me the courage to announce that when we returned we’d take her with us and probably give her over to Feline Friends for adoption.  Sam didnt really fuss or object and I knew in my heart, I was making a good choice for the little cat. What was her chances of survival in that area was really remote. She needed warmth, food, water and shelter. Alittle love would’nt hurt as well.  I knew it all the while that we would be giving her off to the FF so no attachments should be made, but if you know me, how long can you stay away from those puurrrrrrs ?? Everyone deserves a little love, even if the stay is so brief. Isnt it ?

Ofcourse, how we would manage to keep her away from Pepper would be another “MAJOR” issue. Keiki is not to possessive so long as your not right her face 🙂 So anyways, the little kitty whom we eventually called “coco” was bathed, fed, cleaned and kept in the courtyard where he basked in the mild heat and stayed happily in the protection of the cat carrier which we had for pepper.  I kept him under observation to see if he had any improvements in his limp. He did look in pain but he was so bouncy and ever so happy to please. For very short moments I would sit outside and he would somehow manage to jump up the chairs and lick me so happily.

Pepper went beserk. Inspite of never letting Pepper see Coco, he knew when we were with him from his scent and completly refused to go close to samie. He went running the length and breath of the house to make sure, the little cat never entered the house.  Those couple of days, pepper was a different cat. Well, to begin with, he’s ” ALWAYS” been a different cat !!! But he was especially difficult and acting up those days.

At some stage after nearly 4 days, I gave in. We saw no improvements in her foot. Although her activity level was so good, she was still dragging her leg but the swelling did subside alittle. I handed her over to the vet in Al Quoz after talking to the feline friends to take over this little kitty. With a heavy heart, we all bid farewell to her and hoped and prayed for the best for her future and recovery.

I was told by the Vet services that FF would call me to inform me of the outcome. December being one of my most busy periods, I could’nt make it earlier, so I went over to see her today only to be told that she had too severe a broken leg and the doctor after speaking to FF, had put her down. I cannot begin to express how disgusted I am feeling with myself.

I feel like I killed her. It was completly my fault. Had I not got him over and handed him to FF Vet, she might have had a chance. Why does everything always revolve around money ?? Did I try to play God ?? Why did’nt I believe that God would remove her pain and heal her ?

Its the worst thing that I have ever done. Have been so miserable the whole day. Every small tiny moment I spent with her, is haunting me. She was alone in the world when she passed away. No one was there beside her. No one to comfort.

Someone made such a drastic decision to kill a living being all for money …… atleast they could have informed me. If nothing else, I would have just left her at the muncipality vet ….. but why give up so easily ??? Just coz she did not have an owner ?? She wasnt blessed with a family …. and the only ones who saved her  ………… were the cause of her death. Talk of irony.

I ask God for forgiveness. It is a guilt I have to now bear the rest of my life.

Just today, while I went over to fetch Eman from school, as usual I was late. In my rush to school, I noticed this huge wooden pallet base right in the middle of Al Khail road. I was in the fast track and that is a four track highway with a very large plank (pallet) right in between. It would be too unsafe.

Called the police on 999 and informed them about the location so as to send someone to remove the harm from the road. The cops called twice to get the exact location and finally lastly to thank me. It was such a good feeling and I remember the hadith that, It is also sadaqa to remove a stone from the path which can harm a passerby.   And 20 minutes later I find out that I have caused the death of poor Coco.

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Playing Santa in January.

Today was Samie’s last vacation day and lo ! feeling so sad that he wont be enjoying the relaxation with us from tomorrow. This vacation although was the first where we were in Dubai but it was so much fun and calming. There were no obligations, no stress, no forced shopping, and definetly no early mornings !! It was truck loads of fun.

Sam arrived rather late after picking up Eman from school and before I knew it, there were heaps of presents he bought for all of us. Okay so let me start with me, he got me this marinade tray with board, a full set of knife set AND, AND AND ………. He also bought this really handy tool box. You see sam generally offers his salat in my studio and wonders how I manage to create anything in the middle of all the  clutter and chaos in my studio. This nice man wanted to make it easy and get my space alittle organized so voila, what a lovely and thought ful gift.

Oh yeah, and the kids got something too, they love washing Sam and my car, but by the end of it, there are gallons upon gallons spend on the shower so he got them the pressure kit for washing the cars to make the chore fun and more economical for us.

Oh and how could he forget “the other” kids. Pepper has claimed the new catnip and cat scratch tray as his own. He has strongly placed it as not limit zone for poor Keiki. 

There isnt a day that passes by when I dont thank my Allah for blessing me with the most compassionate and thoughtful man. I wanted to share the pictures with you’ll.

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On the other hand, have you wondered why husbands come up with the most practical and productive gifts for their wives and where does all the romance disappear with chocolates and flowers ???

If I were one of em thankless women, I would be thinking there are vibes I am getting from these gifts like

” Lady. We need to eat more bbq meals ! 

” Get your chaos Organized. Woman !!

” Wash the car more often boys” !!

Last but the most important : Get those paws  outta my couch and into your own turf !!

 USE that scratching pad !!!!! 

But thats just the humor in me .. have to have the last laugh now 🙂

Who’s the best artist ?

Antarctica’s Frozen Wave Pixs – Nature is amazing!
Icebergs in the Antarctic area sometimes have stripes, formed by layers of snow that react to different conditions.

Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with meltwater and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form.

When an iceberg falls into the sea, a layer of salty seawater can freeze to the underside. If this is rich in algae, it can form a
green stripe.

Brown, black and yellow lines are caused by sediment, picked up when the ice sheet grinds downhill towards the sea.

The water froze the instant the wave broke through the ice.  That’s what it is like in Antarctica where it is the
coldest weather in decades.  Water freezes the instant it comes in contact with the air.  The temperature of the
water is already some degrees below freezing.  
Just look at how the wave froze in mid-air!!!

Magnificient or what ?????

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Photo tutorial of an Indian chicken curry.

I know this one is a definite first for me. A very intimate school friend of mine, Jaya, whom I reconnected with on Facebook, asked me for a ‘KORMA” receipe. (for those of you who are wondering what Korma is, well it is an Indian curry dish with some form of meat or chicken. Generally made in a base of yoghurt or cream with some paste of cashew nuts and a few almonds.) That request has been resting at the back of my mind for a little over one month now.  Why ? Coz I havent yet figured out how to run my scanner so the recipe book is still just sitting on the epson machine instead of, inside it !!! But then thats just Me !

Ok so on with it.

The dish I am showing here is one which I make atleast once a week. It is really quite simple. No fuss et all.  However not until the last moment, I had no wild thoughts about doing this tutorial so as I rushed to get the chicken dish done with and not until I had already placed the chicken for browning, did I realize, that I could make a pictorial tutorial of this cooking, just like we do in card making tutorials !!! Eureka !! Where’s that camera ?

 Ok, since I have missed taking initial pictures, I’ll just explain alittle. This is a regular indian gravy/curry dish. Not a fancy one, where we have to slog around the stove for a couple of hours, mashing or sieving or grinding endlessly. (in anycase, the newer generation of Indians really prefer the indian quick fix meals not rigorous ones. It is relatively easy (depending on how much cooking you do !) and could take a good 45 minutes or alittle longer at the most.

I am using around 750 gms of the 900gms of chicken breast package. The balance 200 was reserved for my cats. (what ??!!  I cant be having all that, with my babies watching my face !! And if you have cats, then you know what face I am talking about  !!!! “the awwww so cute face” )

Ok so this tutorial is having too many stories in them, ‘Must’ stick to the  cooking ONLY !!

So we have around 750 gms chicken breast. Two large onions, sliced.  5 Tbsp ( dont fret here ) of canola oil (or which ever medium you prefer to cook, eg: ghee, butter, regular oil).

In a large pan, warm some oil, and when heated up, we add some of ’em onions and fry them on medium to high burner till they turn slight golden brown. Then we add, 1 Tbsp of garlic and 1 tbsp of ginger paste. Mix them together and fry well. At this stage, keep stirring on medium flame for a minute or so, then add the chicken pieces (which has been diced to 1 1/2 inches pieces) on high flame. Keep stirring them gently.

From here on, the pictures will speak for you.

When the chicken turn slightly brown in color, add, 3 sliced green chillies. In a seperate bowl. Add and mix the following dry ingredients.

1/2 kg of fresh yoghurt + 1 1/2 tsp of coriander + 1 tsp of redchilli + 3/4 tsp of turmeric. 

When the chicken have turned light brown, add the yoghurt mixture to it like the pic below :

It may take a couple of minutes on (medium to high flame) before which it has mixed, settled and starts to leave alittle of its oil on top. It should look like this :

Meanwhile, we chop 2 large potatoes in 1 inch cubes.

Add these to the chicken mixture.

Now add 1 – 1/2 glass of water to the mixture and leave it to simmer after it comes to one boil, with the lid on.

 The chicken and potatoes will turn tender and eventually the oil will seperate on the top.

It may take a good 25 minutes of simmering or less.  and it would look like this : I generally add the salt at this stage. I leave the estimate of salt to you since some people add more and some less.

Coriander Leaves are generally used in almost all indian dishes as a garnish. wondering whats coriander leaves ?? They add an aroma, taste good and ofcourse the look of fresh green leaves on any brown dish is a quick color idea for any card maker !!

 Voila !! And here’s my ‘chicken ala Naush’ served on a platter or plate !

I hope you enjoyed this picture tutorial and if I feel encouraged, I may share some more indian recipes with you. Here’s a recap in slide :

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New Year’s Eve at The World’s Tallest Tower.

A Very blessed year to all of you reading this post ! 2010 came with a mixed bag of fortunate and very unfortunate events like salt and pepper but finally we can put all that behind us and move forward.

To all those of you, feeling low right now, please remember, it could be worse. Please try to see where you are fortunate in so many other ways and dont despair your situation. There is so much more we should be thankful about. Good health would have to be right there on top of that list ! Loneliness is a dread but atleast being alive and in good health is better than being with selfish and calculating companions. Please friends, Keep the faith.

Well for me the last couple of weeks were total relaxation.

A couple a good news : 

  • I won the basic grey blog candy. Which was a first for me ! If you havent won anything yet or if you have won too, you know exactly how excieting it is winning something. Especially something you really like. It may be sometime before which I receive my prize though.
  • I am cleared of my tumor which I was on treatment for over the last 6 months for. That is really “GREAT” news and a relief !!!

For the last decade we have spend every New Year eve in our home country but really felt so alienated and dependant on others becoz we really were there in our own country only as ‘visitors’ !  And finally this winter we are here and we spend the new years eve watching the fireworks at the super phenomenal Burj Khalifa ! It was just great ! Dubai was chilled cold last night. And just having the freedom to travel anywhere at any hour here, is so so great. We really are fortunate to be living in such a country without fear of carrying our national documents, or fear of being stolen, fear of not carrying enough eatables coz nearly all the petrol pumps have a fantastic grocer which is 24 hours.  Counting small pleasures. 

Here are just a couple of pictures of the celebration last night :

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