Some Phobia !!!

Here’s a list of a few funky phobia’s that I came across but thank fully, I dont  have any except perhaps a huge fear of cockroaches. Cant stand the site of the darn things !!

Interestingly enough,  Elizabeth I of England suffered from anthophobia. Whats that you ask ??? Any wild guesses ????






the fear of roses !!!!!!   {Oh I just hope they dont have a rose bush over her beautiful grave. }

Very Funky Phobias indeed !!!  And here they are :

Now that should be a real phobia for the poor chickens !!

Ailurophobia-The fear of cats

Androphobia-The fear of men

Apipophobia-The fear of bees

Automantonophobia-The fear of ventriloquist’s dummies, animatronic creatures, or anything that falsly represents a human being.

Hellenologophobia- The fear of complex scientific terms

Hyelophobia- The fear of glass

Lachanophobia- The fear of vegatables

Lactrophobia-The fear of doctors

Liticaphobia- The fear of lawsuits

Logizomechanophobia- The fear of computers

Metrophobia- The fear of poetry

Octophobia-The fear of the figure 8

Oenophobia- The fear of wine

Otophobia-The fear of opening one’s eyes.

Peccatophobia-The fear of sinning

Pogonophobia- The fear of beards

Politicophobia- The fear or abnormal dislike of politicians.

Sesquipedalophobia- The fear of long words

Taphephobia-The fear of being buried alive

Xenophobia- The fear of foreigners or strangers



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