Barbaric Traditions !!

Inhumane and Mad Traditions !!!

The link as well as the pictures below are graphic in nature ~ kindly refrain from watching if you are faint at heart !! I am hence I writing this post.
If there is one thing I cannot understand, it is the ill-treatment of animals. When are we, as human beings, ever going to learn to co-exist with the world around us ??? Why do we consider ourselves to be so “on-top-of-the-chain” that we tend to think that everything but us, cease to exist !! Havent we done enough damage to the environment that we still follow irrational and barbaric tradtions.

Have we become so numb headed and moronic that we still cant get it that, God or No huge diety/patron  can ask you to “torture an animal” so brutally and then just slaughter it !!

Hoardes of these men and women are so brain washed and deceived by Satan, believing in this demonic  and hideous tradition.

Every year, lives are lost to this ritual yet they love to play and feel the thrill in abusing and tormenting these animals. What purpose can it possibly serve ? Where is the wisdom in any of this ??  Can we be so blinded by traditions and cultures, that such torture can be justified ??

Surely, I would love for one of these macho men to relive their lives, as that of a bull, even if its just for that one last day of his/its life. Wouldnt be so macho, after all, now would he ??