A shining example ~ but who ??

For many this video would bring out the “aww’s, oh so cute’s. so sweeeeet’s”
and some critical minded might even comment on how fidgety the little girl is.
And ofcourse you will almost always have the western “womens lib” folks, who may only notice that such a young child is wearing a headgear
and ofcourse almost every teacher in the academic profession would be dreaming of how “if only” all the students in her class would recite so easily …
But for me, I commend the patience and perseverance of the father. He is dedicated and not irritated by her constant movements.
I would love to remind all fathers ~ Your children may or maynot listen to your advise BUT THEY WILL SURELY FOLLOW YOU BY EXAMPLE.

His test or His mercy ?

Sometimes, we are deceived by Allah’s mercy. We tend to think that Allah loves us, though we are up to our heads in sins. Whenever you are blessed with something, check it out! If it doesn’t draw you closer to Allah, then it is either a test or a punishment! Look at the disbelievers and what they have. Allah has given them almost everything in this world. Does Allah love them while they are associating others with Him? Now, consider your charming spouse, healthy children, beautiful house, nice job, fancy car and the rest of Allah’s favors that no one can count. Are all of these things drawing you closer to or further from Allah?”  Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem