American soldiers saving lives in Afghanistan.

Dear American Tax payer.

Watch where your hard-earned tax money goes !

Amazing efforts made to carry out the job earnestly !! Kudos boys !!

Probably one of the reasons why they have taken “forever” to get out of Afghanistan !

Infact, I clearly remember, the initial mission was to bring out OBL !! Wonder what they’ve been doing there all this while ?? Oh wait ~ watch the link, you’ll know exactly what they’ve been upto.



2 thoughts on “American soldiers saving lives in Afghanistan.

  1. assalamualaikum..cover your face with hijab….hijab is our (muslim girls)beauty….thats not hijab with showing face ….so,change your profile photo

    • Walaikum salam Sister Afeefa. Thank you for writing to me. Inshallah, when I wear the niqaab, I will change the profile photo. Please make dua for me sister.
      Jazak Allah khair.

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