Saving Middle East.

The new Gregarion Calendar has started (it has nothing to do with Muslims, since we follow the Islamic Lunar calendar ) – and I have decided (if even for a little while ) to rise from my imposed hibernation.

Is it just me or do you also feel, as though, we are sinking faster and deeper into a swamp of ignorance, injustice and corruption ?

Do I sound brutally cynical ?  Well, I am, probably the most optimistic soul, 5 miles in any direction around me !! But sadly, our world seems to be clouded in an intense thick fog of chaos and polarization ! How can one expect this deplorable condition should not affect me  !! Infact, it should be affecting ‘Everyone’ !!!

Why do we find people around us, constantly judging ? Constantly regurgitating insane prejudices ? Why have we progressed into the Millennium, as damaged goods, carrying a load of decaying baggage full of illogical assumptions and blotched opinions by the media ?

Are we truly  “this” crippled to think for ourselves ?  Are we “that” dependent on distorted opinions to figure out the truth ?


Are we really a lost cause ?

Where is the empathy ? Where is compassion ?  Does solicitude not exist anymore ?

Have I walked out of a grave where people are being fed venom ?

So many countries, all around me, are being butchered yet, I see so little humanity being displayed. . . .. … … Are the children of Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Burma  …. worthless ? These are but repetitive tales of atrocities …  Do they not have hopes and aspirations ? Is their innocence, of no value to you ?  Are those tears and their anguish, not enough for you to rise and make an effort for them ?  They aspire for simple things like, living for just another day, like a little food, some clean water and perhaps something warm to wear. Their homes are demolished, their families killed, they are homeless, jobless, stripped off their dignity.

Are you going to shove ‘this holocaust’ under the rug and pretend, that the Middle East was always swamped in commotion ?


The Middle East was cursed with possessing the Black Gold and where there is honey – so shall there be, the bee. The Political world dominance depends on who controls this natural reserve. The web is far too complex for the average man, who spends his life enveloped in mundane issues of school fees, health issues, house rent and feeding the family.

We continue to exist, hoping one day, humanity will be jolted out of its trans-like state, hoping, praying, begging that, that day comes sooner than later – for far more than enough, innocent human blood has already been shed.

Please stop this insane brutality. This demented frenzy must CEASE IMMEDIATELY.

They are innocent humans.

They are just like you and me.

No one deserves to live with constant fear of being bombarded.


I am, but a frail voice, perhaps lost in the worldly chatter, but I truly hope and pray that all the death and destruction in the Middle-East should stop. It should stop. It must stop. We’ve had enough…




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