About Naush ..


I am Creative Naush, and this is my web “Home”. I am a  WAHM ( “work at home mom”) and proud of it!  I work from home around my family.  I feel so blessed that I have a small business that I love and can be at home for my kids too. We have 3 wonderful boys  ages 9,7,6.   I have been happily married to the man of my dreams for the past 10 years.

Happily Ever After

My motto in life is to be thankful for what the Almighty has blessed us with and to always give your best shot at whatever we set out to achieve. We have to celebrate life coz each day matters and is never coming back so make the most of it. I may sound naive but I am a sucker for “Happy Endings”

Being a typical cancerian, I have always been inclined towards art and teaching. 

Amina & Naush :

A whimsical collection of handmade greeting cards

I have been designing handmade greeting cards for nearly 4 years now.  All of Amina & Naush cards are full of character and individuality Where no two creations are identical and you can truly call it your own  

My medium is collage. I love to play with embellishments, tags, die cuts and rubberstamps.  Almost all my cards would have some element of ribbons on them.  Inspite of desiging cards for 4 years I am surprised at how much my style still keeps developing. Each day we learn something new. 

Teaching Art & Craft Workshop


We offer Art and craft Classes which are jam packed with  activities for our young fans!

         Process-oriented approach
We  focus on the teaching of techniques for specific art media, as well as individual creativity & experimentation.

         Developmental approach
We encourage your child to learn and apply techniques progressively.

         Variety of art media
Your child will be exposed to a wide variety of art media, including:

o        Collage

o        Construction

o        Digital drawing

o        Drawing

o        Modelling

o        Painting

o        Printmaking

o        Sculpture

o        Textile

         Exciting and interesting activities
The activities are structured to ensure that your child experience the taste of success and achievement besides having fun and feeling a sense of involvement.

         Fun and excitement
We try to instill a lot of fun and excitement into the learning of art and crafts through the use of numerous lively and colourful photographs and illustrations.

         Ideal for children (and adults) who want to learn how to express themselves and their creative endeavours.
This is because once your child gains confidence in expressing creativity through producing original work, he will be able to transfer his skills, knowledge and  to new learning and development opportunities at progressive stages in life.

Event Organizers

Reason for a success story :  Attention to detail and flexibility

Whether you’re looking for arts and craft activities for a community fun day. A kids birthday party, a school, continuing professional development workshop or a corporate team building exercise, we can organize.  We want to enable people of all ages and abilities to unlock and develop their creative potential. Above all, our aim is to use visual arts to boost confidence and motivation and to have FUN! We organize fun craft parties for ladies, children and the young lot. Tailor make innovative programs to suit different age group, skills, abilities and needs. . A ladies get-together, young girls bunching out or little explorers out to learn a new skill, We have a wide variety of options available so there is something to suit everyone. All  materials are included.

Craft Kits

We also design Do It Yourself Craft Kits. Kits include : Greeting Card kits, Photo frame Kits and Jewelry making kits. In addition to these, we have the “Big Box of Imagination” which contains embellishments, paper stock, ribbons, beads, buttons, wiggly eyes, chenille and scores of other craft materials, to keep the young ones busy for hours, designing and making unique gifts and seasonal cards.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and my work.
 I am so happy I can share my creativity  with you all ! It would be nice to hear from our regular visitors about how they feel about some of our blog posts.

Please visit often, I add things as they are created on flickr,  Since the creative juices flow freely around here,  additions are frequent. Have any questions or special requests? Don’t hesitate to contact me



PS :  We look forward to meeting again, some of the wonderful ladies who made my craft parties such a roaring success.. .. .. thank you for your continued support.




32 thoughts on “About Naush ..

  1. Salaams!

    I just sumbled upon your website while searching for craft supplies in Dubai. Noticed you’re de-cluttering your craft room. In case you have any craft supplies to give away, please let me know. |You have my email now…


    PS: – Read the post about the ‘argument’ / discussion between the 3 kids and Masha Allah they’re pretty smart!

  2. I had read all islamic information which u had stated in your website, its is really informative and had increased my knowledge, for which i am thankful to you, May Allah Bless you with good deeds.

    I request you to kindly let me know, from where i can get more short and small sunaah items listed guide, which anyone can follow / adapt easily.

    Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

    Shaik Abdul Rahman

    • Dear Brother Abdul Rahman, there are several sites that are excellent for hadees and Qoran, however there are some sites floating out there in the invisible world of the WWW which have been fabricated by a handfull of selfish non-believers who have wrong traslations. Please be careful of those sites, they are completly misleading. I will compile a list for you a little later. Meanwhile please feel free to see this site of the Holy Qoran. It is simply excellent. It has translations in Arabic and English too.


      Keep the faith in Allah in these miserable times.
      Peace to you.

  3. Hi,

    Good job. If you are intrested I can supply a different material to make greeting cards. It is wood veneer sheets. It is like paper but original wood sheets. The thicknes is 0.4 mm only and different species of wood sheet is available. You can print in these sheets.

    These sheets are good for various crafts.

    If you are intrested please mail me. I am based in Dubai and I can show you the samples.


    Martin John

  4. Dear Naush,

    I am looking for wicker baskets, and i saw that you are a wicker basket fan.. Can you recommend and good places in Dubai to buy them?

    Nice blog by the way!

    Best regards,

    • Thank you for writing in Camila. Unfortunetly there arent any specific places where you can get wicker baskets, but your best would be the arabic sweet stores. They stack scores of them in different shapes and sizes, also you can get conventional ones at IKEA at Festival city and some also at Pan Emirates at Sharjah. somehow I am not a big fan of Pan Emirates Al Barsha. I hope it helps.

  5. Hey Naush,

    Great site.. wonderful inspiration..( I’m an HGTV fan myself 🙂 and ur commitment to work is amazing..i mean with 3 boys !!!!!!! Donno how ur boys are but my 20m old is quite a handful !!!!! ( a hurricane most of the days ) 🙂

    keep the posts coming… i’ll be following urs 🙂 wishing you the best things in life.. oh, one more thing, where do u get all ur craft supplies ? I’m at my wits end in finding one in Dubai.

    Happy holidays 🙂

  6. Assalam Alaykum sister,

    MashaAllah sister,very nice blog….all most all your post are very gud….!

    bytheway I too run my blogs and Islamic Websites and Islamic Images site! chk it out,inshahAllah you will find it usefull…!

    Just want to tell u few mistakes in your blog…

    The Fb link u have given right side below “You can also find me here :” text is wrong…

    // http://www.facebook.com/home.php#
    My facebook home //

    above one is not ur profile link….. in place of above text write this :

    [Profile link = http://www.facebook.com/naush.samama]

    remove [] brackets…else it will not work…using above will bring link also…

    after this correct this link too!

    // http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=29209619669&ref=ts
    Doodle Buddies facebook home //

    in place of above text write this :

    [My Facebook group = http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=29209619669&ref=ts ]

    remove [] brackets

    Now it contains correct profile and group link,and when anyone will click,they will visit ur profile/group in new window,without leaving ur website…!


    hope this helps…

    but in case,if you didn;t liked then forgive me and delete my cmnts!

    May Allah protect you and your family from fitnah!

  7. I stumbled on your great blog trying search for explanation of the word wasia in ayat kursi. Does it mean Allahs throne includes heavens and the earth or it encompasses or overspreads. Not sure maybe you could help.

  8. Naush, looks like this post is not authentic…..i know it’s been posted around but without any proofs unfortunately. I could not tell if there is any such hadith. Do you know where they have been taken from if you do please update your article with the hadith sources. However if you do not then please remove it. https://naush.wordpress.com/2009/06/22/

    • Thank you brother Asif, for bringing this to my notice. I have just re-emerged after a looooong hiatus so I will check what you mentioned.
      Jazak Allah khair.
      ukhti Naush

  9. Dear Naush !

    You are amazing and God gifted , May ALLAH bless u in all your good deeds .I would love to join your team related to art and craft work and activities.Any positive reponse from you would be highly appreciated by me .

    lots of good wishes ,
    Aaisha Farrukh.

  10. Dear Naush,

    I came across your blog, in search for tips on greeting card creations. And your blog is absolutely beautiful with wonderful greeting cards created! Keep up the good work 🙂 I wonder if you have a direct email address to contact you on, to understand more about your greeting card business?

    Much appreciated, thanks! 🙂

  11. Hi Naush,

    I would like to know more about handmade paper and where it is available in Dubai.
    Love the work you have done.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Millicent ~ Handmade paper is hard to come by in Dubai. However, I think, you could check out Paper chase, Creative Mind and Dragon Mart. (which is not an easy walk 😉 by itself ) But there are a store or two that host handmade paper. Please do let us know if you do manage to source them 🙂 All the best.

  12. Asalamoalaikum Naush
    Wonderful blog and lovely article “Simplicity in Islam” which I just read. U r doing a very good job MA, one day I would love to meet u as I’m also in dubai.
    Take care

    • Hi Michael,
      Firstly, you have an amazing website. Absolutely awesome. And secondly, I loved your products. The jewelry as well as the art pieces are brilliant.
      Are you residing in Dubai ?

  13. Hi Naush

    Thank You very much. 😉 No but my better half has lived 8 years in Dubai. She moved back app. 3 years ago. So we are really interested in starting business in Dubai. 😉

  14. Hi! Naush,

    I also admire and like life with creativity, even though i myself am not able to take out time for such stuff from my routine schedules..

    But i would like to ask if you can make greeting card for me? and if yes then how to contact you for my requirements??

    Looking forward to get in touch with you.


    • Hello Urvi. Kindly join our facebook group, under the title of “Doodle Buddies”. You can contact me at 050-4545049.

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