The starving Muslims.

This video put me to shame deeply. And this is NOT the first time, that I have noticed, extravagance and lavishly laid food, being dumped at the end of the day.

I understand, how sometimes, food get leftover after a marriage celebration or after a party, but I don’t believe, it needs to be dumped. Every city has areas, which, the less privileged inhabit. Why cant this food be packaged to them ? There are animals and birds too, who can benefit with it. But throwing precious food is NO option.

I wonder how the Prophet (sallallahu wa alaihi wa salam) would react to this !!  Why have we lost fear of Allah swt who is so totally displeased with wastage ??  May we not displease Allah almighty so much that he may bear his wrath on us. Ameen


Young Pakistani’s in the wrong direction.

These Pakistani teenagers have become an internet sensation with their rendition of Justin Bieber, with mum beating out the rhythmn on an old pot. Meet the ‘Justin Bibis’

Budding stars

Many surprises here :-

  • These young girls come from a remote town in Pakistan.
  • They don’t speak English ~ hence write the English pronunciation in Urdu.
  • They have their mothers support.
  • The first recording was done live ~ on a street ~ with bystanders around !!

Ofcourse following their youtube success, fame and recognition came swiftly, as does these days with the social media high.

What does NOT surprise me :-

  • They were hosted by a morning show as well, where they got a full makeover ~ LIVE !!
  • TV channels and show producers, are constantly looking out for unusual, ‘breaking news’ kinda topics to raise their TRP’s but sadly, Pakistani TV casually, glorifies everything non-Islamic.

Young sisters singing on TV is not a new phenomenon is Pakistan. We remember the Benjamin sisters of the 80’s, but here’s a new generation of Urdu-speaking small-town dwellers, who have draped themselves with a dupatta and croon to the likes of Justin Beiber !!! The miracles of new-age telecommunication, I suppose ! Or the long web of shaitaani fitnah.

This young sibling has no idea, of what content they are endorsing in their songs … naturally, neither does their mother.  Sounds nice enough to be sung without considering the repercussions !

From an Islamic point of view, having a woman’s voice heard with a musical set up ~ is not acceptable.

Hundred’s of small-town girls will find inspiration in these sisters, and consider crooning in public or youtube, as a ticket to fame.

Singing as a sign of rejoicing privately, in close confinement where only women are present, in a marriage function is the only exception where music and women can mix as per the teachings of deen !! Yet Pakistan has, long thrown the garb of ‘selective’ Islamic teachings and practices.  A young Malala cannot be sent to school, yet she can be rejoiced on the morning shows !!

That’s not a new one for hypocrisy but it just endorses its absolute presence, shamefully.


Gaza ~ the world’s largest prison.

Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters.

I have been ‘missing in action’ on this blog and I apologize for that, but who in their rightful mind, could focus on a blog in the midst of the hideous massacre taking place in Gaza !!

This ramadhan was a blessing for us. We were blessed to be in good health, blessed to be together and blessed to be fasting.  Sadly this Ramadhan also bought with it an awful reminder. A reminder of death, a reminder of mass scale destruction of the muslim ummah and a reminder of how we could, can and would perish if we did not remain steadfast in our worship and stand for our brothers and sisters, suffering in different parts of the world.

Also a reminder that, inspite of all the chaos and loss of life in Gaza, the world’s largest democratic government did not reach out to help them, send aid to them, or even condemn the oppressor. It was a reminder that NO HUMAN OR NATION can or will, help the muslim ummah except ofcourse, Allah Almighty, and hence we should not beseech anyone but Allah swt.

I will not repeat here, about the mass-scale destruction of homes, hospitals, schools, industries and even the power station ~ And I will not repeat the images of blown bodies, mutilated heads, pregnant mothers shot in the head, babies dying in the neo natal wards due to lack of medication and electricity.  Those are stories that you already know.

But I will say that I am appalled by the total lack of empathy on the part of the United Nations. I will say, that it leaves me with despair to realize that this organization has failed miserably in saving precious lives, taking immediate and appropriate action in rescuing the old, the women and children ~ the civilians, who had nothing to do with Hamas. This organization has shown us that the reins lie in the hands of the world’s largest bully.


There are countries, who refuse to call it a genocide while there are countries, where thousands have come out on streets in protest.  South American countries, South Africa, Ireland, Turkey, Afghanistan are some of the amazing countries which were vocal in their decisions to stand against the Zionists.  While what is appalling is the silence by the Muslim world including Pakistan !!


This genocide is a reminder of how real the holocaust is for the muslims ! It is a reminder of which muslim state, stands by his brother and which muslim state has become so addicted to his lavish lifestyle that he dare not get out of his comfort zone. Politics and power is the price they are NOT ready to pay for.

Another aspect that became crystal clear is the sly role of the “media” ~ while American channels like ABC had even shown blown up Palestinian homes claiming them to be Israeli !! (which they apologized for later ~ when mass damage had already taken place ) ~  BBC in particular has played the most  ‘shocking’ role !! Thousands of English people gathered in protest of BBC’s preposterous role in the entire coverage of the “war on Gaza”

There is a saying that only in trial, we realize who our friends and our foe are. Before the trial ~ all are our friends.

Man proposes his plans and he is arrogant for he believes his plans will succeed but Allah Almighty has his own plans and his plans are righteous and Just. He is the best judge. For all those little children who were drilled with bullet holes and shrapnel, brutally murdered mothers and callously shot grandparents. For all those lifeless babies who couldn’t make it to their first breath in this world ~ to all those fathers who had to silently carry the mutilated bodies and limbs of their precious sons and daughters ~ ALLAH ALMIGHTY is the best judge. So fret not ~ Your loss in this world will be highly rewarded in the next.  Inshallah.

And for the silent muslim spectators ~ you have a lot to answer to Allah Almighty ~ so be prepared.

The only silver lining in the Gaza Massacre was that people all over the world ~ sat up, took notice and reacted in a positive way ~ the learned realized researched the archives of Palestinian history ~ the wise discovered how atrocious Israel’s plans were and scores of Jews, themselves protested against it ! One such remarkable name is Naomi Wolf.  That itself, is a victory of the sorts. What with, having spent millions in keeping a tight grip on the media for decades ~ finally the social media has been able to deliver where the news media failed.


And as for Israel’s media and economics control: people are now waking up to crimes that are committed by Israel, thanks to the social medias, people like myself are boycotting all Israeli products. It’s slowly showing up in the stock market. The fact is, Israel can try to control people by feeding them wrong propagandas and lies, but a ‘woken up’ mind is more lethal than any of their tactics. It’s time to call a spade a spade!

Predator or Nurturer ?

The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze me and the human kingdom never ceases to disappoint.

Have you viewed this link ? Click on the picture to read how the drama enfolds :-


Please view this link and let me know your thoughts here.

Many a times, animal behavior is far beyond what human behavior can even comprehend.

Do come back with your views.

Photographer Gets Too Close To A Dangerous Predator, Then Something Amazing Happens
Photographer Gets Too Close To A Dangerous Predator, Then Something Amazing Happens

Male friends after marriage ?

Tirmidhi 3118:

Whenever a man is alone with a woman the Devil makes a third.

Hadith – Al-Tirmidhi.

Do not call on women in the absence of their husbands, because Shaitan might be circulating in you like blood circulates

Hadith – Fath-al-Qadir

The one who touches the hand of a woman without having a lawful relation with her, will have an ember (hot coal) placed on his palm on the Day of Judgement

If you cannot meet a woman without mahram, shake hands with her, be alone with her,  look at her (since you’re required to lower your gaze)

then how is this friendship going to form?


As far as friendship on internet is concerned just reason logically about it. Would a husband appreciate that his wife has a ‘close’ male friend besides him? Or would a wife appreciate that when the husband has a argument with her, he goes to his best friend to discuss the matter as opposed to making it up to her?

It leads to comparison between spouse as a friend and the close friend. This can cause problems in their married life. A friend who meets you only sometimes will always meet you with a smile (even on internet) but the spouse is living with you 24/7. There are more chances of conflicts and it requires patience and understanding to survive the relationship.

This can be hard to understand when you can see the other opposite gender being nice to you while your spouse isn’t as sweet most of the time.

Had it been permissible Sahaba’s and Prophets would become friends with women. But at least I do not know of Prophet (P.B.U.H) having female friends or any of the sahaba’s having them or any other scholar of Islam having it. Which makes it obvious it is not allowed in Islam.


Dumping Babies.

The following video had me thinking just how much “compassion” Allah swt has blessed even in animals. You’ll be surprised if you search in Youtube about animal compassion stories.

Motherhood and Mercy


Have you ever thought, how is it, that human beings with the highest intelligence rate, still dump their own babies in garbage bags and dumpsters ? It is a cruel act ~ not to mention a very dangerous one for the baby.

Two things :-

1:- Accidental pregnancy ~ illegal pregnancy ~ pregnancy out of wedlock ~ what ever the reason :-  People, stand up and take responsibility for your uninvited little baby.  He is a living being ~ He is a blessing ~ He has been gifted to you to show you how to love and be responsible.  When was the last time you dumped a diamond ring ? Think about it.

2:- We believe in our blown up and misguided minds, that “WE” are the individuals who have control over things ~ we would be looking after or caring for or raising the young baby ~ if we can not afford it ~ why have it ~ so dump it ~ right ? No ~ WRONG !!! You don’t wait for 9 months just to dump the baby. Its criminal. Even if you think, you can or will get away with it today ~ It will haunt your conscious every single day of your life.

Learn, learn from this Mama Cat in the video,  how she stuck by her “prey” just becoz she nursed them.  Have you forgotten that your Lord is the provider ~ not you ~ you are merely a vessel. He provides the tides and the wind to drift your sail.  The Almighty tests you ~ and tests you for what ??  For the CHOICE you make.

Don’t let go of that precious baby. He may not have a voice today but on the day of Resurection ~ You will be answerable.

Missing plane ~ tension between US and Russia ~ whats next ?



Over the years, this policy has been proven pretty accurate ~ Distract the common man with some kind of strange explosion !

Today is the 11th day into the disappearance of Malyasian Airlines flight MH 370. A lot of theories and speculations are floating on all news channels and the internet is flooded with vague pictures.

Everyone seems to paranoid ! Especially the US !!

Every tiny nook and cranny of explanation and possibilities has been worked on ~ all including “alien abduction” ~ all but that of a mighty power reigning thru heaven on this entire universe.

In my own tiny brain frame, I was wondering, why are we humans so week in heart and soul ? I wouldn’t want to jump on the band wagon and start coming up with theories too (we have too many people busy doing exactly that already ) But I was just wondering, why do we have so little faith in the Creator ?

We are so rattled by explanations and logic ~ Almost all the Prophets were granted some form of Miracles to gather followership ~ but isn’t it strange that today, if Dajjal came forth and started throwing his magical “miracles” ~ would we really try to use logic (as we should) or would we be so mersmerised by his charming tricks that we would blindly obey him (astaghfirullah) ? Just a thought !

One cannot even imagine just how devastated the relatives, near and dear ones of the passengers, must feel.  They need a closure and at the moment, that is one thing that no -one can provide for them.

May Allah swt bless them with patience and strength to bear whatever the outcome of this episode, may be. Ameen.


What did they achieve ???

Lives were lost ~ homes were lost ~ heritage was lost ~ and an identity lost ~ over 6 decades ago, a lot was at stake to embark on a new identity !! An identity that belonged to being Muslims ! And identity to uphold the values of Islam and an ideal to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.

Fast-forward to 2014 ~ The country has an identity crisis. Regardless of any admission or denial ~ one can easily notice just how confused the generation is ! How in dismay the Government is ! And how wasted the sacrifices of the earlier generations were !! I fail to understand what was achieved ???

To begin with, inspite of over six decades, every state has a bias over the adjoining one such as discriminating them by calling them Muhajireen etc.

The state of public schools, hospitals, roads, transport systems, and municipality is in shambles !! The rich live in a beautiful and hygienic bubble of mineral water ~ while the undernourished majority, queue inside public hospitals for hours while, “DOC SAAB” finishes his “chai break”.

What has become of the Muslim ideology of respecting parents and elders ~ then why do we even have an Edi home ?? Why are muslim women battered and bruised and left for the worldly vultures to devour ? Why and how are married muslim women succumbing to prostitution ?

What little have they achieved when every success is measured in terms of being “accepted” “associated” or “praised” from an Indian counterpart. Every morning show makes it a point mock some aspect of “Indianness” while any interview, has a high TRP if the interviewee has made an appearance in India !! What hypocrisy !!

Democracy was and is, not a part of Islamic shariah, then how does a country boast itself with being democratic AND Islamic ??? Another hypocrisy !!!

While the “ministers” host lavish palatial homes in the Arab cities, the common man back home, is cheated out of his own hard earned property rights !

Perhaps that also adds to one of the reasons, why Pakistani’s are the largest immigrants to Canada, USA and England.

Western clothed women are respected and admired while ladies clad in “burqas” and “niqaabs” are harassed and looked down-upon !

A meal at a fast food chain  or a chai or coffee over at ” xyz”  is considered being trendy regardless of the need or desire  !!

Indian actors and actresses are idolized instead of the Khulfae Rashideen !!  Again, who’s that ? you ask !!

Valentines Day, New Year, Christmas, Mothers day, fathers day  and the likes are largely celebrated on almost every Pakistani channel !!

No muslim country is as extravagant as this society in wastage and pompous show in a marriage ceremony. The Prophet sallalahu alai hi wa salam said ““The most blessed nikah is the one with the least expenses.” [Bayhaqi] and yet, lavish ritualistic processions are followed to keep up with the society-maintained standards. Customs which are bidaat are prevalent and those who wish to guide the corrupt, are labeled as being Ahlas-sunnah, Wahabi,  etc !!

One of the major fitnah is in the strongly established fashion industry which has been promoting shorter and more revealing clothes !!  The craze to “stay hip” and “happening”  is just overwhelming !!  Hasad and hiras go hand in hand ~ we tend to forget that in our graves, we will be solely responsible for our deeds and misdeeds. No community, friend, clan etc, are going to come and defend us there.

Surely a muslim name does not warrant being muslim.  Have they not any fear or shame of how they will face Allah swt in the Akhirah ? Do they not worry of how they are deceiving and misguiding an entire generation ? How do they deal with their conscience in the lust for greed and fame ?? Or even worse, have they already buried and read “Fateha” over their long dead conscience ??

1013319_516606721704891_57296468_n 1797570_517179964980900_360966669_n

Leading the way to the fire !! I wonder, what the founding fathers would have to say ???

1725472_673691172672283_782418296_n 1902872_673239706050763_1909070143_n

Indeed, fame, power, money and the glitz of the glamour industry is far too over powering for these weak and unfortunate souls.

1947530_517171458315084_1805840142_n  1920147_517165014982395_2051453606_n

These dictators of the fashion world are promoting Hinduism !!

1780700_673653839342683_1656865200_n Chest and waist bearing, bare arms and “Bindi” wearing girls ! Surely an identity crisis here !

1959269_516625471703016_1416654304_n  1922462_516625038369726_1838342635_n

Sadly and certainly they have drifted far, very far from Islam.

These photos are just a glimpse of just how lost this lot is 😦

Anything but a Muslim country ~ it is NOT !!

Heartless trophy Hunter !!

This news has really outraged me !!

TV presenter causes outrage after posing with lion she killed

I have always believed that regardless of her career, her identity (of lack of it), her strength, her stamina and her nature, Women are the nurturer of life. Life, itself is impossible without women. Women are the cradle of the society to prosper in, grow in, develop in ~ and then some news like this prompts me to wonder, what kind of a sadist is THIS woman ??? Steve Irwin set a beautiful example of his life, placing conservation of wild animals much before his own life.  His love for crocodiles and all animals has been well known ~ and yet, there are heartless women like Melissa Backman.

It is unbelievably shocking that she or the likes of her, are being “allowed” to get away with hunting unprovoked animals !! She trespasses into their territory (or the little that has been left to them !) and still carries out these disgusting and brutal kills. Why ? Have we ever heard of an animal killing a human for fun ?? Did he ever hang our heads or hands close to his pond as a trophy ? Then why do we humans always show such insensitivity ? Why do we fail to understand, that each animal is a living thing ? Each and every living thing in this world is a MIRACLE ! We, as human, are capable of ending life, but have we EVER been able to bring forth life, except for the way, Almighty Allah swt has placed in our womb ??

US TV presenter Melissa Bachman poses with a dead zebra in South Africa

Posing next to dead animals is nothing new for Ms Bachmann, who says she has been hunting since she was a child. Her Facebook page and personal website’s “trophy room” features many  such images, including a number with stags, alligators and bears.

Ms Bachman stars in a TV series called Winchester Deadly Passion which documents her hunting exploits using rifles or bow and arrows.

A self professed “hardcore hunter”, her bio reads: “I have the best job in the world, great friends & family, and I’m usually pretty lucky. What more could a girl ask for??”

Last year Ms Bachman was removed as a contestant on the National Geographic show Ultimate Survival Alaska when over 13,000 people signed a petition criticising her inclusion.

An American television presenter has prompted outrage by boasting online that she had killed a lion in South Africa

Bachman's websites feature smiling photos of her next to slain animals.

I wonder what Steve Irwin and his family would have to say about this picture ???

Bachman with another one of her kills from South Africa.

These helpless animals were doing nothing to bring harm to her ~ they were just going about their daily grazing activities ~ little did they know,  that this intense smiling face belongs to a woman without any sense of compassion.

Bachman posted this photo on her Facebook page on Oct. 27: 'My first Alaska brown bear ... a beautiful and extremely blonde one to top it off!'

Has she ever heard of live and let live ???
Has she ever heard of an ecosystem where everyone has a place for a reason. And we humans were blessed with knowledge and compassion for a reason ~ not to gain popularity and “likes” on our facebook page !!
What can be more horrendous than all these beautiful animals lying next to a shameless heartless woman who took away their life “all for a sport” ????


Animal extinctions ??? In this age and time ???????

Rhinos extinct !!!

The western Black rhinos are extinct

Featured Image

It was announced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that the rhinos status would be changed from critically endangered to extinct; a fate shared by its cousin the Western Black Rhino in 2011 !!!!

The only real thing extinct is human compassion !! Ofcourse there are a handful of honest organizations who are making an excellent effort in keeping these animals protected.

It is truly and sadly unbelievable that these beautiful creations of Allah swt have survived hundred and thousands of years of harsh conditions and calamities in nature. And yet inspite of its strength, size and stamina ~ it does not stand a chance against humans !!

Poaching is a reality ~ An ugly reality. And it should be punishable by law.

Allah Almighty has kept in place, a magnificent food chain. His web is supreme and kept balance ~ but Alas, man and his greed for commercialism !!!  His unforgiving appetite for “MORE” !! Whether it is the poaching of seals in Canada, dolphins in china/japan, bulls in Spain ~ and ALL animals in Africa ~ WE ARE SUCH A SHAMEFUL RACE !!!!

The more we learned ~ the more we educated ~ the better we made it for ourselves but the worse we made it for the world outside of us !!

Hunting for sport or money profit and bragging rights is just outright sickening !!

It is a devastating blow to the wildlife landscape  if one beautiful and unique species perishes ~ all but for the distasteful human hunger.

Muslim Neighbors.

Being a “Bombayite” (Sorry, just never got around to calling it Mumbai ~ having spent 40 years calling it Bombay )  ~ We have been subjected to this kind of unspoken but direct discrimination for decades and yet, it infuriates me that people now have the audacity to say it out openly !!

We tend to throw every tiny and huge issue at our political system and probably to a certain extent, it is the divide that they (political parties ) cause between us during the election drama, that has left this stigma in society.  But I don’t believe that ONLY areas like Bhindi bazaar, Mohammed Ali road, Mumra, Mira Road, Bhivandi etc are where the concentration of Muslims, deserve to reside. Perhaps a jolt down memory lane is that in the late 50s, a large part of the polished Film fraternity were Muslims and had made the plush but then-quiet area of Bandra, including Pali hill, Carter road and Bandstand, their home. They still inhabit these now-sadly-over populated areas in co-existence with the rest of the world.

Scores of authentic hadiths have been told about a Muslims behavior towards his neighbor.  I’ll share just one here :-

The Prophet (pbuh) explains the rights and obligations toward a neighbor in the following hadith of Tabarani.

The rights of the neighbour is that, when he is sick you  visit him; when he dies, you go to his funeral; when he is poor you lend him (money); when he is in need you protect him; when he is in happiness you congratulate him; when he is struck with  a calamity, you condole him; don’t raise your building above his to cut off the wind from him; don’t harm him with the good smell of your food unless you let him have part of it.   [Tabarani]

That is the perfect neighbor ! And if Muslims practice this hadith ~ then they too are the perfect neighbors !

It baffles me, why while a Muslim boy from a chawl – celebrates every Hindu, Christian and Sikh festivals, what could prompt people to refrain from keeping Muslim neighbors ??

When we educate a community ~ it grows ~ it develops ~ becoz we have empowered it with education and rational thinking.

When we add hurdles, lest a community not taste the fruit of education ~ we are shunning an entire generation from seeing the light of the day. We are depriving it from moving, from change, from improvement, from betterment, from growth.

If Convents are going to target Muslim parents for enormous donations, how do you think, these children are going to make a difference, if not to the whole of humanity, at least to his own capabilities ~ to his own family ?  Are the parents not being penalized for being Muslims ?

If 60% of jobs are safely reserved for the privileged  (non-muslim) class, how do you expect the Muslim student to score a reasonably good job ?? Would we rather he turn back and run a kebab store or even better, flee to the middle eastern states ~ while depriving his own country of his abundant talent and economy ??

Why are we so judgmental ? What makes us above the next person we are seated beside ?  What he wears ? What he eats ? What he believes ? Where he prays  Or how he behaves with us ??? Lets just say, I expect a complicated answer with twists and turns from the learned  ~~ but from the righteous ~ He has already embraced his neighbor regardless his religion.

Our forefathers fought and won our freedom decades ago but its a pity, that they could not free our enslaved minds of our preconceived notions ~ “about ourselves” !!

Grow up and grow out of your self contained and self contaminated shells. Live and let live.


Barbaric Traditions !!

Inhumane and Mad Traditions !!!

The link as well as the pictures below are graphic in nature ~ kindly refrain from watching if you are faint at heart !! I am hence I writing this post.
If there is one thing I cannot understand, it is the ill-treatment of animals. When are we, as human beings, ever going to learn to co-exist with the world around us ??? Why do we consider ourselves to be so “on-top-of-the-chain” that we tend to think that everything but us, cease to exist !! Havent we done enough damage to the environment that we still follow irrational and barbaric tradtions.

Have we become so numb headed and moronic that we still cant get it that, God or No huge diety/patron  can ask you to “torture an animal” so brutally and then just slaughter it !!

Hoardes of these men and women are so brain washed and deceived by Satan, believing in this demonic  and hideous tradition.

Every year, lives are lost to this ritual yet they love to play and feel the thrill in abusing and tormenting these animals. What purpose can it possibly serve ? Where is the wisdom in any of this ??  Can we be so blinded by traditions and cultures, that such torture can be justified ??

Surely, I would love for one of these macho men to relive their lives, as that of a bull, even if its just for that one last day of his/its life. Wouldnt be so macho, after all, now would he ??




Brain Teaser or W H A T ???

  1. When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it? (to be given a thought)
  2. If the “black box” flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn’t the whole airplane made out of that stuff? (very good thinking)
  3. Who copyrighted the copyright symbol? (who knows)
   4. Can you cry under water? 
   5. Why do people say, “you’ve been working like a dog” when dogs just sit around all day? (I think they meant something else)
  6. Why are the numbers on a calculator and a phone reversed?  (Never noticed it till now !!)
   7. Do fish ever get thirsty? 
  8. Can you get cornered in a round room? 
  9. Why do birds not fall out of trees when they sleep? 
  10. If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables,then what is baby oil made from? (No comments)
  11. What should one call a male ladybird? 
  12. If a person suffered from amnesia and then was cured would they remember that they forgot? 
  13. Can you blow a balloon up under water? (yes u can)
  14. Why is it called a “building” when it is already built? (strange isn’t it)
  15. If you were traveling at the speed of sound and you turned on your radio would you be able to hear it? (got to think scientifically)
  16. If you’re traveling at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on, what happens?
   17. Why is it called a TV set when there’s only one? 
   18. Why do most cars have speedometer that go up to at least 130 when you legally can’t go that fast on any road?
  19. If drink & drive is not allowed why the hell do they have parking in Bars?
  ******  Want more ?????

Idol ~ Idol immersion and water pollution !

I came across is thought provoking article and wished to share it with you.  If any of you have been watching or have watched Aamir Khan’s TV programme, “Satyame vijayte”,  you could get a deeper understanding of where we stand in India, as far as “ENVIRONMENT  which includes Water is concerned. It is shameful that we are so ignorant in this age and time to conserve water, stop it from being polluted and being responsible in its wastage.

Perhaps like many other things, even in this case, India will only wake up when its all-too-late !

Religion is a very touchy subject in India and far too many riots have taken place all in the name of religion. Heck, we even had a full fledge partition of India ~ all for “RELIGION” !!!!! But inspite of all this, I personally still feel, “educated people” must come forward to make the changes in order to protect the environment. We have rotted mother earth in hundreds of different ways ~ all under a huge blanket of  excuses like ” traditions, parampara and culture” ~ Without hurting anyones sensitivities, people have to wake up and change habits, lest they find themselves rotting in the same pile, in a not-too-distant future.

The link to the article are :-

Idol immersion – not ideal at all!

Preeti Panwar

India is a multi-cultural country of myriad festivals. We participate in the celebrations of various deities round the year and it seems quite impossible to remain aloof from the accompanied pomp and show while paying homage to the gods.

Some of these festivals involve ‘idol immersion’ in water as the celebrations finale. Beautifully carved and decorated idols are drowned into water bodies like rivers, ponds and lakes with prayers for success, happiness and peace. Two major festivals in India that involve idol immersion are – ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’, dedicated to Lord Ganesha and ‘Durga Puja’, dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Harmful effects

However, amidst the celebrations, people tend to forget the ill-effects of the practice. The most serious impact of idol immersion is on the environment. It disturbs the ecological balance by polluting water and adversely affecting the flora and fauna.

The idols of deities are made of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, cement and plaster of paris and are painted with toxic dyes that contain harmful and toxic chemicals.

When they come in contact with water, it becomes poison. This results in contamination and death of marine life.

The reason behind this is those materials that do not dissolve easily in water, thereby reducing the oxygen level and increasing the level of acidity in water.

If consumed, it can even cost us our precious lives, as even a gulp of the chemicals can prove to be fatal.

The poor condition of river ‘Yamuna’ is a visible example of water pollution. Measures to prevent Water Pollution

Thankfully there are ways through which we can carry out the ‘idol immersion’ practice without harming the environment. Some unique and creative methods can be adopted to make ‘eco-friendly idols’. We should follow the ancient tradition of constructing the statues from natural clay and paint it with flowers based dyes.

Also, the government should take stringent measures during the procedure of immersing idols. Authorities should make sure that devotees remove all clothes and heavy-metal ornaments from idols before bidding farewell to the deities. There should be some strict guidelines and norms which must be followed prior to idol immersion across the country.

Surveys should be conducted at various immersion-sites to check pre-immersion, during-immersion and post-immersion water purity results.

There should be a ban on the immersion of plastic-made icons into lakes, rivers and the sea. Recycling of eco-friendly statues and creative, judicious and wise use of natural products in creating statues can be of great help in maintaining the ecological balance.

We as devotees should understand that if we do not respect nature then we can never respect God.

The “Real”-Modern-Day-Zombies !!

We always assumed, like in the movies, that there would be a virus from outter space or from some wild isolated part of the world, which would infect us and make us man eating Zombies ~ roaming the streets in a totally self absorbed world ~ lost from reality around us ~ heedless of what is expected of us as humans !!!

This pictures says it all.

We react with a phone camera when :

  • we find someone hit a cat under his car

  • some one is drowning

  • a car accident occurs

  • a slip/fall in a dance performance

  • to show how messy our friends house/desk is

    One too many girls have commited suiside becoz of the kind of content that was leaked out thru these phones and that too, becoz transmission is so quick that it was too late to help the said girls !

    What is sad is that these mobile phones were invented to quicken transactions, better the communication and connect people around the world when your on the go ~ and bring the world closer,  however, like everything else ~ we have totally abused these inventions !

    Hey please dont get me wrong ~ I’m all in for technology ! Infact its fantastic but its “us”, the users, who have lost the real value of this true blessing. 

    Until we learn to respect technology rather than flash it around as a fashion accessory ~ we, the human race is at the loosing end.