Saving Middle East.

The new Gregarion Calendar has started (it has nothing to do with Muslims, since we follow the Islamic Lunar calendar ) – and I have decided (if even for a little while ) to rise from my imposed hibernation. Is … Continue reading

Gifts in Dubai.

Many shades of the Creative Mom in Dubai 🙂

Hello dear friends !

I’m an erratic blogger 🙂  (But you already know that, by now 😉 )  There have been times when, you could read three posts, back to back and then there are times, when you see me once in three months. In the blog-world, consistency is VERY IMPORTANT.  I am yet to play by the book !

Over the past 11 years, I have been fortunate enough to have a beautiful relationship with any and all forms of art.

I did not restrict myself to water colors or decoupage ~ I am a restless eager soul, I have experienced and enjoyed every craft.

What started from card making has just made it way thru to DIY and home décor.

Sometimes I find myself going on a spin in a perplexed state when ‘newbies’  ask me what I fancy most.

The past 5 months have been remarkably fantastic and have helped me, better define…

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Muslimah Speaks On Pakistan’s Rape Problem

A muslimah’s perspective indeed. The feudal system in Pakistan and the power intoxication is one of the main reasons, why, I doubt, any changes will be made in this worn out law.

The Human Lens

Let’s talk about rape shall we? Recent events where women are being discriminated in Pakistan and elsewhere in the name of Islam, have forced me to call out this prevailing misogyny. As far as Pakistan’s stance on rape is concerned, there is nothing  is nothing remotely Islamic or Shariah divine about the man-made laws in Pakistan.The Hudood laws that were enacted by the then military dictator General Zia to Islamicize Pakistan’s legal system are in reality a legacy of the British Colonial law.

So one cannot understand how come religious bodies aren’t doing anything about correcting them. The laws, as they stand in place today discriminate against women rather than protecting their rights. Furthermore, the continued refusal to embrace the very fact that we are in the 21 century and therefore can use modern-day forensic evidence is another divergence from the Islamic tradition where similar techniques have been used by…

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A shining example ~ but who ??

For many this video would bring out the “aww’s, oh so cute’s. so sweeeeet’s”
and some critical minded might even comment on how fidgety the little girl is.
And ofcourse you will almost always have the western “womens lib” folks, who may only notice that such a young child is wearing a headgear
and ofcourse almost every teacher in the academic profession would be dreaming of how “if only” all the students in her class would recite so easily …
But for me, I commend the patience and perseverance of the father. He is dedicated and not irritated by her constant movements.
I would love to remind all fathers ~ Your children may or maynot listen to your advise BUT THEY WILL SURELY FOLLOW YOU BY EXAMPLE.

His test or His mercy ?

Sometimes, we are deceived by Allah’s mercy. We tend to think that Allah loves us, though we are up to our heads in sins. Whenever you are blessed with something, check it out! If it doesn’t draw you closer to Allah, then it is either a test or a punishment! Look at the disbelievers and what they have. Allah has given them almost everything in this world. Does Allah love them while they are associating others with Him? Now, consider your charming spouse, healthy children, beautiful house, nice job, fancy car and the rest of Allah’s favors that no one can count. Are all of these things drawing you closer to or further from Allah?”  Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem

Paperworld Dubai

An excellent experince, where office stationery ~ scrapbooking goods – party wares – were all covered !! I actually felt like a child lost in the candy store !!! Lost yes ~ but very happily ofcourse !!
If you missed it, worry not, it will return next year again. Only a matter of a few ( 10) months

Hi Friends,

Paperworld Dubai 2013 was held between March 5 – 7. For someone who insanely loves paper and color, this visit was like diving into paradise.
From scrapbooking goodies to stationery to wood works to party accessories ~ this exhibition was stacked up with piles of eye candy.
Here are just a few pics of the stalls and their beautiful contents.

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Re-emerging in 2013.

Change is eventually and ultimately for the best ~ He who fears change, seizes to grow.

Hello Friends !!! Remember me ? Yes, thats right ~Naush ~ the creative mom in Dubai, who had dropped off the face of the earth and you were wondering ~ what happens to the blogs of dead people !!!! Well I am NOT dead and I HAVE re-emerged !!!!!

My last post was somewhere in November and thats when I had just started the process of packing my ENTIRE house ~ yes, I mean ” A HUGE ENTIRE ” ~ an entire house load worth “14 TRUCKS” and finally we graced our new home amidst cartons and wrapping papers and bubble wraps. It took 5 days, 14 trucks and 9 guys working from 7am to  8pm just to pack the house and arrive at our new home.Fotor041132322final2

I must say at this point, we are absolutely pleased with our choice of the Packers and Movers that we hired. These guys were…

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