Animal extinctions ??? In this age and time ???????

Rhinos extinct !!!

The western Black rhinos are extinct

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It was announced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that the rhinos status would be changed from critically endangered to extinct; a fate shared by its cousin the Western Black Rhino in 2011 !!!!

The only real thing extinct is human compassion !! Ofcourse there are a handful of honest organizations who are making an excellent effort in keeping these animals protected.

It is truly and sadly unbelievable that these beautiful creations of Allah swt have survived hundred and thousands of years of harsh conditions and calamities in nature. And yet inspite of its strength, size and stamina ~ it does not stand a chance against humans !!

Poaching is a reality ~ An ugly reality. And it should be punishable by law.

Allah Almighty has kept in place, a magnificent food chain. His web is supreme and kept balance ~ but Alas, man and his greed for commercialism !!!  His unforgiving appetite for “MORE” !! Whether it is the poaching of seals in Canada, dolphins in china/japan, bulls in Spain ~ and ALL animals in Africa ~ WE ARE SUCH A SHAMEFUL RACE !!!!

The more we learned ~ the more we educated ~ the better we made it for ourselves but the worse we made it for the world outside of us !!

Hunting for sport or money profit and bragging rights is just outright sickening !!

It is a devastating blow to the wildlife landscape  if one beautiful and unique species perishes ~ all but for the distasteful human hunger.

Animal Cruelty

While a child, we were generally taught, that raising our voice to certain injustices  was not a very lady-like behaviour. Best to be silent than find yourself in an embarrassing situation. Parents preach one thing, but often times, practise another.  I still remember, how mother would never have an ounce of fear, if confronted with an injust situation. She would never flinch. She would make her point clear. She would stand up for what she believed was right.  Many years later, to a certain degree, I too, dont flinch, from a challenge confronting me.  I too, believe in standing upright for justice.

One subject, very close to my heart are Animals. I have this huge and deep sense of love and respect for them. While I may not be as passionate about reptiles, none the less, I believe, Allah swt blessed this world with every insect, bird and animal to perform his role in nature. No matter, how small or huge, an animal fears us humans the most. We are the REAL predators. We humans, are the real beasts !! We have regally taken our positions right on top of the  ecosystem yet we tend to abuse everything and everyone in our path.

We are careless, we are reckless, we are selfish, we are unresentful and we are causing the world to decay.

WE HUMANS ARE TOTALLY DISGUSTING ~ WE ONLY TAKE AND TAKE AND TAKE SOME MORE FROM NATURE AND in return we give back our garbage !!! and most of us would dismiss our participation in this by saying that we dont throw anything in the ocean. We dispose off our trash in the bin. Many wont see that the trash they throw in the bins indiscriminately will eventually find its way in the oceans because we do not really have the real consciousness of the impact of trash. Change must begin at home. Find out what happens to the trash ~ where is it disposed ~ it IS OUR DUTY !!!! Or there maybe islands flooded with poor helpless little dead baby birds !!! WAKE UP !!!!!!!

This is an excellent video but it really breaks my heart to see what is happening because Human beings are so totally oblivious of their negative contribution to the ecosystem. Kindly click the below link to view the video.




Please take a few minutes to view see this film, I am sure, you may wake up with wet eyes but a resolution to be more responsible with your junk.


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