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Discover yourself


I have been with Facebook for the last year and a half, I confess I am a major addict ! Need to open fb and know who’s saying what about my pics or who’s feeling whatever. One thing peculiar I found here is strangely enough, most people, are almost always, trying to discover or rediscover themselves. Hence these quizes, what stone are you, what flower are you, what music are you, what !@!@# are you…………. If you go to the quiz section, you will be surprised by the types of quizes they have. But I think its becoz they have tapped  into human phsycology. Not only are we keen to know ourselves better but we also want someone or something to tell us that we “good”, “liked”, “Charming” or whatever positive adjective can be used there !

The other day, I posted Jeremy’s article which stated that people talk more on or to the computer than to people do to eachother.  I felt I needed to add to that.  Internet is a “mostly secure” world. A large proportion of the users dont leave their identity or contact details, they have an alias. Most of us dont even have our pics posted, for fear of being misused. In such a case, it is so easy to talk to people, pass comments on people, discuss problems without being judged, becoz your just a username. Thats who we become .. another username. A blog becomes our daily diary and we can pen  type all our feelings without the fear of being “Judged” We talk to the computer becoz unfriendly comments can be unapproved easily with/without confrontations, unlike how it happens in the real world. Internet has turned into a safe haven coz its a real world within an unreal world.

We yearn for  acceptance .. Theres plenty here. The ‘disapprovals’ go in the ” junk box “

Life is not like that. People we meet and are friends with are not like that. They may have something to say that does leave an impact on how or what we feel. We dont really have the option of sending it to the junk box. We learn to take it with a pinch of salt. AND THEN,,,, we write a long post about it on our blog.