Baby like Kitten.

I think, kittens are natural models ! Alhamduallah, as muslims we are allowed to keep cats as pets and quite honestly, I dont think, I can do a day without hearing my little babies purrrrrs !

This is a link of one of the cutest little kitty drinking/sucking or maybe just licking his bottle and making this really cutesy sound like num num num …. …. whats even more amazing is how he is holding his tiny bottle !

I am sure, you will be smiling once you see and hear the little fur ball :-

I am sure, your smiling in amazement !

Have a nice day all !

I killed the kitten.

Late November last year, we went over to Dibba, Fujeirah for a weekend. While we were there, a tiny kitten found her way under our parked  car. She limped all the way behind the boys, and grabbed hungrily at all the scraps we offered her. She looked awfully sick and had a terribly swollen leg, which she was tiresomely dragging around. It broke my heart to see this poor thing. Becoz it was the port area and in all probability, some of the rough drivers while reversing or toeing their boats had crushed her foot. She looked in so much pain. I knew I just had to help some how.

The boys took to her immediately. Somehow amazingly samie also didnt mind her. That gave me the courage to announce that when we returned we’d take her with us and probably give her over to Feline Friends for adoption.  Sam didnt really fuss or object and I knew in my heart, I was making a good choice for the little cat. What was her chances of survival in that area was really remote. She needed warmth, food, water and shelter. Alittle love would’nt hurt as well.  I knew it all the while that we would be giving her off to the FF so no attachments should be made, but if you know me, how long can you stay away from those puurrrrrrs ?? Everyone deserves a little love, even if the stay is so brief. Isnt it ?

Ofcourse, how we would manage to keep her away from Pepper would be another “MAJOR” issue. Keiki is not to possessive so long as your not right her face 🙂 So anyways, the little kitty whom we eventually called “coco” was bathed, fed, cleaned and kept in the courtyard where he basked in the mild heat and stayed happily in the protection of the cat carrier which we had for pepper.  I kept him under observation to see if he had any improvements in his limp. He did look in pain but he was so bouncy and ever so happy to please. For very short moments I would sit outside and he would somehow manage to jump up the chairs and lick me so happily.

Pepper went beserk. Inspite of never letting Pepper see Coco, he knew when we were with him from his scent and completly refused to go close to samie. He went running the length and breath of the house to make sure, the little cat never entered the house.  Those couple of days, pepper was a different cat. Well, to begin with, he’s ” ALWAYS” been a different cat !!! But he was especially difficult and acting up those days.

At some stage after nearly 4 days, I gave in. We saw no improvements in her foot. Although her activity level was so good, she was still dragging her leg but the swelling did subside alittle. I handed her over to the vet in Al Quoz after talking to the feline friends to take over this little kitty. With a heavy heart, we all bid farewell to her and hoped and prayed for the best for her future and recovery.

I was told by the Vet services that FF would call me to inform me of the outcome. December being one of my most busy periods, I could’nt make it earlier, so I went over to see her today only to be told that she had too severe a broken leg and the doctor after speaking to FF, had put her down. I cannot begin to express how disgusted I am feeling with myself.

I feel like I killed her. It was completly my fault. Had I not got him over and handed him to FF Vet, she might have had a chance. Why does everything always revolve around money ?? Did I try to play God ?? Why did’nt I believe that God would remove her pain and heal her ?

Its the worst thing that I have ever done. Have been so miserable the whole day. Every small tiny moment I spent with her, is haunting me. She was alone in the world when she passed away. No one was there beside her. No one to comfort.

Someone made such a drastic decision to kill a living being all for money …… atleast they could have informed me. If nothing else, I would have just left her at the muncipality vet ….. but why give up so easily ??? Just coz she did not have an owner ?? She wasnt blessed with a family …. and the only ones who saved her  ………… were the cause of her death. Talk of irony.

I ask God for forgiveness. It is a guilt I have to now bear the rest of my life.

Just today, while I went over to fetch Eman from school, as usual I was late. In my rush to school, I noticed this huge wooden pallet base right in the middle of Al Khail road. I was in the fast track and that is a four track highway with a very large plank (pallet) right in between. It would be too unsafe.

Called the police on 999 and informed them about the location so as to send someone to remove the harm from the road. The cops called twice to get the exact location and finally lastly to thank me. It was such a good feeling and I remember the hadith that, It is also sadaqa to remove a stone from the path which can harm a passerby.   And 20 minutes later I find out that I have caused the death of poor Coco.

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Garfield has a new name .. Spike.

Its been 5 1/2 years since we moved to the Ranches. In our first year we adopted Keiki, my first feline baby, the following year, we rescued Pepper, my dominating feisty little tabby.  Life couldnt be better surrounded with the joy of having two young kittens always playing and loving us. However, for the past 2 years, we’ve had an unexpected visitor who has made himself very comfortable in our garage.

Thats Spike for you. Almost garfield looking. He has a sweet meow and even more sweeter purrr. Spike probably adopted US, becoz my husband, darling as he is, is very passionate in looking after the less previleged …  One of his routine morning chores is to feed the birds, fishes, cats etc. ( the fishes in the lake at Arabian Ranches, the birds who visit and wait for him, knowing now very well, when the “bucket man” is going to fill their pales ! 

At that very time, we had a large feral “blackie” who used to visit us and we used to leave him some food in the garage. Naturally Spike enjoyed the opportunity and made himself at home after a few regular bouts of brawls with Blackie, much to the annoyance of my neighbour. Long story short, Blackie was kicked out by my neighbour, whom then on, we never saw again and Spike has won the battle.

Now a little about Spike’s family … His owners are just 2 streets ahead but for what ever reason, inspite of calling them several times and them actually taking him back, Spike always returned. They are nice people but I think between a second cat in their house and spike not getting along, and probably getting fed up with spike always reaching for our house, they’ve probably given up on Spike.

Initially we tried a lot of efforts to shoo him away, stopped feeding for weeks etc but this little fella had already decided what he wanted. Some cats do, you know. So We gave in.

We have stopped pesteringing, Spike’s family and more or less accepted him with open arms, hugs and a nice cozy area, on the sofa that we once wanted to dispose, and is now sitting in the garage, all so that ” poor ol’ spike ” can have a small shelter.

Oh and why did’nt we take him in ? Becoz cats being territorial and all, Pepper had several very nasty brawls with Spike. Almost all of which Pepper won, inspite of being nearly 3 years younger than spike. He is now looked after, loved and fed by us (still not officially though ). Quiet honestly, He gives us all such a lovely welcome as soon as we are home. 

Oh and by the way, We never called him spike, he was always “Ladoo” …for us. For the non-hindi speakers … go figure !

Here’s ladoo on his throne. During the day, he naps over it and during the cold night, he sleeps under the chair, ( which is placed up side down, especially to make it feel like a shelter for him.

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Saving Private Tweety .. .. ..

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we have two gorgeous cats in the house, one black stray throws his weight in our courtyard and one tabby the persistent Spike aka Laddoo, has adopted our garage !! Thats four cats in all. Of all the villas in the community, this little injured birdie had to find a spot to nurse her injuries in our garage ! If only Spike was not as lazy as garfield !!

The boys found Tweety close to the shoe stand, where upon, I noticed one of her legs was pulled back ~ probably hit something like a wall or branch. She was’nt moving but she seemed to be in shock.  I managed to feed her some water and Keeping her in the house for a while meant all the cats were locked up away from her.  We were nearly ready to leave for all the Saturday outdoor chores when this episode started, still Sam suggested we show tweety over to the wet, which was a good, 25 kms away from our original destination.  Who would’ave thought we’d spend so much time and travel to get little tweety to some medical help. But I am so glad I did !

An hour later, we placed her in the 2 kg yoghurt tub and took her over to Al Barsha Clinic for pets.

To my amazement, when I handed the bucket to the nurse which she took so reluctantly, this little fiesty birdie actually took flight. The nurses examined her and said she was probably hit, under shock, took some time to recover and is ready to fly back home.

10 Minutes later, we placed her on the branch in front of Al Mawakeb school.  She did’nt fly away immediately.  Probably examining the sourrounding, infact she just sat there for what seemed eternity  !!!  In my mind, she was saying “thank you”  as she sat there, long after we had left. She had been spared one good, solid day of life !

A day to celebrate her freedom … a day to rejoice her life .. a day to having come so close to the claws of a young but lazy cat called spike aka laddoo .. .. .. ..  

Nature has provided strength to every living thing, be it the ants, earthworm, fish or the elephant .. we all struggle for our survival. The Almighty had placed strength in that little bird too, strength to rest, recooperate and gather more strength and then fly back.