Sadaqat-ul-Jariyah ~ Charity.

Allah swt has made it easy for us to gain as many rewards (thawaab’s) as possible not only in our life but the benefit of many continue even after our death. Subhan Allah.

Here are some examples of things we can do now for life Hereafter :


الأعمال التي تبقى بعد زوالك

1. Give A Copy Of Quraan To Someone And Each Time They Read From It,
You Will Gain Hasanaat.

إعطاء D9سخة من القرآ ن لآي شخص وكل ما يقرأ هو, أنت, تكسب حسنات

2. Donate A Wheel Chair To A Hospital And Every Time A Sick Person Uses It, You Will Gain Hasanaat.

أتبرع بالكراسي الخاصة للمعاقين في المستشفيات,,وكلما استخدمت من الأشخاص
المعاقين,,يكون كل اجر

3. Share Constructive Reading Material with Someone.

شارك باستنتاجك واقتراحات في إي مشروع يحتاج ذلك

4. Help In Educating A Child.

 ساعد في تدريس الأطفال

5. Teach Someone To Recite A Dua. With Each Recitation You Will Gain Hasanaat.

لقن أو درس كيفي الدعاء (لغير الناطق للعربية)

6. Share A Dua Or Quraan CD.

شاركهم بالدعاء أو في شر7ء أو بناء أقر ص سي دي للقرآن

7. Participate In the Building of a Masjid

أتبرع للمشاركة في تكاليف بناء المساجد

8. Place A Water Cooler In A Public Place .

وضع ثلاجة مائية في مكان عام مزدحم بالمارين

9. Plant A Tree. Each Time Any Person Or An Animal Sits Under Its Shade Or Eats From The Tree, You Will Gain Hasanaat.

قم بزراعة الأشجار لأن إي شخص أو حيوان يأكل أو يستريح تحتها يكون كل اجر فيها

10. Share This Mail With Someone. If One Person Applies Any Of The Above You Will Receive Your Hasanaat Until The Day of Judgment.

أرسل هذا الأيميل لغيرك إذا إي شخص قام بعمل إي من هذه الصدقات الجارية
الموجودة هنا فأنت هذا العمل سو=D 9 تكسب بإذن الله الحسنات إلى يوم

أرسل هذا الأيميل لغيرك ,,إذا إي شخص قام بعمل إي من هذه الصدقات الجارية
الموجودة هنا فأنت بهذا العمل سوف تكسب الحسنات إلى يوم القيام
بإذن الله


Hurricane hit samama mansion first floor !

Hurricane hit samama mansion first floor !

Ofcourse the boys room is not very large but can easily accomodate the bunk beds and the car bed which has an additional bed underneath which can easily be slid open for sleepovers.  This is the state of the room every 15th day and then again, we go back to ” Mom hiting the ceiling and with screams that can be heard long past the ranches, the boys are forced into the clean up session.  Am I a MEAN mom ?? ABSOLUTELY !  











Rambo practise room

Rambo practise room


The car bed is Bilal’s. and quite easily and conveniently the toys slid pass into those on the floor or around his bed !! Ofcourse no one is to be blamed .. ” I did’nt do it ”  my kids play fair. They dont like their siblings bearing the wrath from their mother, so no name blaming just “I dont know who did it !!!! Well it stays that way or I just call the firefighters to save the boys from me.    





Pile of toys

Pile of toys


There are two Ikea racks placed on either side of the room and in parallel, there are two beds as well. These racks house the stacks and stacks of baskets, bins, buckets and trays of goody, delicious toys. Have you seen a room this flooded with Toys ??














The same wall

The same wall

This is the same wall as Bilals bed is on. On the left side are built in wardrobes and those cartons stacked there are my goody boxes, naturally all my surplus craft supplies ! 
















The otherside of the room

The otherside of the room


Any corner worth saving is always occupied instantly with toys that appear magically ! This hear is a play station / car track which lodged itself magically one fine day here !










It took nearly 3 weeks of intensive cleaning up during which the boys were completly fed up of “Go and clean up your room” line.

We dumped almost 6 TV CARTONS of toys for Charity ! which I am so relieved off .. Phew ! 

We have still got 3 cartons of toys in the shed which I will give them every month if they decide to get rid of more toys.

There are nearly 11 brand new remote control cars, given at several birthdays to them by my dad and sister which are also sitting in the shed.   

This story was not for the faint of the heart. My Boys are real fighters !




can you believe this ?? This is the same wall which has Bilal’s car bed !! Well, its not great but its a great start, especially since the boys have achieved all this mainly on their own efforts, ofcourse I was sitting a sipping my coffee at one of the only empty corners of the room, with a fly swatter in my hands ! Well, it worked, did’nt it ??!   











Sawaab and eman's bed

Sawaab and eman's bed


Ofcourse the beds need to be made and organized, just did’nt want you’ll to think that we are spic and span all the time, now would we ?? Isnt it lovely .. i am really  pleased with the hard work.














Regaining space

Regaining space


There is more space next to the beds.










Bilal's wall

Bilal's wall


He is an 8 1/2 year old who has his heart set on action figures, race cars, gun machines and building blocks. What do you think he’ll be when he grows up ?

A machineist ? Nah !

A technician ? Nah ! 

A scientist ?  Nah !

Silly you, almost every child these days like almost all of those toys. Its natural. He’ll be what he intends to be. A good human being with alot of talent and a solid gold heart, inshallah. 


A child's fantasy land

A child's fantasy land


No amount of toys can replace a childs imagination.  He still lives in a large and beautiful fantasy world .. ok so thats not Bilal’s world. Bilal’s world is about rescuing a fairy princess from bad military goons with a machine gun and medival sword. Actually I relive my childhood thru my boys toys. These pink castles are actually mine. they are so special to me. I am a dreamer just like Bilal those pink homes represent fond memories from my childhood where we could’nt afford those.