Earth Hour ~ Making a tiny difference.

Lighting for a good cause.

Lighting for a good cause.

Today, like in many countries we too participated in the Earth Hour. From 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM the electricity in my home was switched off except for the fridge for obvious reasons.  I made the boys realize what a great contribution we are making trying to conserve a little of  this precious source. It felt really good.  The Walk at JBR infront of Hilton was one of the few places where we could join, in lighting a candle at the beach. While we were on our way out, we noticed the number of houses with all lights switched on and it really felt bad however, while passing thru Barsha we noticed almost all the villas had all of their fence lights (which are quite a few ) switched on, which was not the icing on the cake yet, just a yard ahead we noticed the DEWA Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Substation had all of their “FLOOD LIGHTS ON” in addition to their regular lights !!! Now that was saddening.  We parked close to the Meridien and ho boy,  was I nostalgic !!! It was a terribly long walk to Hilton but the walk was well worth it, I completly loved “The JBR Walk”   There was a very long stream of cars moving at turtle’s pace. 

Finally we reached the designated area. There was a large crowd already marvelling at the lighted candles in (almost) stark darkness. We too got a couple of lights and placed it appropriately .. huge crowd turned out here this evening.  DEWA had provided TShirts, battery operated candles and  bottles of mineral water too. All free of cost. 

 The rain pour had gotten heavier by now but the kids and  I completly enjoyed getting wet.  Ofcourse a meal at Hardees did us good.

 My husband rightly noted that,  the idea and thought behind the Earth Hour is really very good, but in principle, people would only just want to spend that one hour out of their homes in cars or drives or out shopping, which obviously means, that we are consuming another source of energy, while trying to save one. 

Again I feel DEWA (Dubai  Electricity and Water Authority) should be commended for putting up such a wonderful effort and arrangement BUT “Practise was you preach” was missing. Why did’nt they switch off only their flood lights for that one hour ? Saving the energy wasted from   5 – 6 flood lights with atleast 500 – 1000 voltage. Now that would have really made a difference, even if it was only a tiny difference.  It could have been done provided someone realized it.

 I think I should write to 7Days ~ the newspaper that does not particularly like to print my letters. But its worth a try.  What say ??