Photo tutorial of an Indian chicken curry.

I know this one is a definite first for me. A very intimate school friend of mine, Jaya, whom I reconnected with on Facebook, asked me for a ‘KORMA” receipe. (for those of you who are wondering what Korma is, well it is an Indian curry dish with some form of meat or chicken. Generally made in a base of yoghurt or cream with some paste of cashew nuts and a few almonds.) That request has been resting at the back of my mind for a little over one month now.  Why ? Coz I havent yet figured out how to run my scanner so the recipe book is still just sitting on the epson machine instead of, inside it !!! But then thats just Me !

Ok so on with it.

The dish I am showing here is one which I make atleast once a week. It is really quite simple. No fuss et all.  However not until the last moment, I had no wild thoughts about doing this tutorial so as I rushed to get the chicken dish done with and not until I had already placed the chicken for browning, did I realize, that I could make a pictorial tutorial of this cooking, just like we do in card making tutorials !!! Eureka !! Where’s that camera ?

 Ok, since I have missed taking initial pictures, I’ll just explain alittle. This is a regular indian gravy/curry dish. Not a fancy one, where we have to slog around the stove for a couple of hours, mashing or sieving or grinding endlessly. (in anycase, the newer generation of Indians really prefer the indian quick fix meals not rigorous ones. It is relatively easy (depending on how much cooking you do !) and could take a good 45 minutes or alittle longer at the most.

I am using around 750 gms of the 900gms of chicken breast package. The balance 200 was reserved for my cats. (what ??!!  I cant be having all that, with my babies watching my face !! And if you have cats, then you know what face I am talking about  !!!! “the awwww so cute face” )

Ok so this tutorial is having too many stories in them, ‘Must’ stick to the  cooking ONLY !!

So we have around 750 gms chicken breast. Two large onions, sliced.  5 Tbsp ( dont fret here ) of canola oil (or which ever medium you prefer to cook, eg: ghee, butter, regular oil).

In a large pan, warm some oil, and when heated up, we add some of ’em onions and fry them on medium to high burner till they turn slight golden brown. Then we add, 1 Tbsp of garlic and 1 tbsp of ginger paste. Mix them together and fry well. At this stage, keep stirring on medium flame for a minute or so, then add the chicken pieces (which has been diced to 1 1/2 inches pieces) on high flame. Keep stirring them gently.

From here on, the pictures will speak for you.

When the chicken turn slightly brown in color, add, 3 sliced green chillies. In a seperate bowl. Add and mix the following dry ingredients.

1/2 kg of fresh yoghurt + 1 1/2 tsp of coriander + 1 tsp of redchilli + 3/4 tsp of turmeric. 

When the chicken have turned light brown, add the yoghurt mixture to it like the pic below :

It may take a couple of minutes on (medium to high flame) before which it has mixed, settled and starts to leave alittle of its oil on top. It should look like this :

Meanwhile, we chop 2 large potatoes in 1 inch cubes.

Add these to the chicken mixture.

Now add 1 – 1/2 glass of water to the mixture and leave it to simmer after it comes to one boil, with the lid on.

 The chicken and potatoes will turn tender and eventually the oil will seperate on the top.

It may take a good 25 minutes of simmering or less.  and it would look like this : I generally add the salt at this stage. I leave the estimate of salt to you since some people add more and some less.

Coriander Leaves are generally used in almost all indian dishes as a garnish. wondering whats coriander leaves ?? They add an aroma, taste good and ofcourse the look of fresh green leaves on any brown dish is a quick color idea for any card maker !!

 Voila !! And here’s my ‘chicken ala Naush’ served on a platter or plate !

I hope you enjoyed this picture tutorial and if I feel encouraged, I may share some more indian recipes with you. Here’s a recap in slide :

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