Holidays in Delhi 2010.

The two week christmas holiday in Delhi was simply fantastic. We had a blast, visiting relatives, eating out all that chaat and all the nihari and kebaabs. The weather was super fantastic, coooooold and chilly.  We never saw the sun for the first few days and mornings seemed so dark even at 11:00 am. I loved it.

This year however, I decided to take photoshots of the typical look of Darya Gunj an area where my inlaws stay. I know a picture speaks a 1000 words so I’ll let my pics do the talking… 

with the boys at india gate.

Having baskin robbin in the chill..

Monsoon Wedding at Delhi 6

Last Winter we visited India for my brother in law’s wedding. Indian Marriages are complicated. They are more complex than 40 spiders weaving their webs within a foot of a distance. There are joys, festivities, lights – plenty of lights, quarrels – plenty of quarrels, lots of color and lots of food… Now this would include almost every state of India, North – south, East or West, they may have different rituals and religions, languages and traditions, but marriages in India, dont bond two people, they bond two H U G E (in many cases )  families.

Attending this marriage from Dubai, We completly loved everybit of the wedding. We participated in every ritual and enjoyed the weather the most –icy  cold cold Delhi.   

My husband’s family reside in the older part of Delhi, the part with narrow lanes and bylanes, the part where mouth watering delicacies are available at any given time, a part where kite flying is the most common site in the skies, a part where sundays, the main street is converted into a book mela – a second hand book market – where I can easily get lost for a couple of good hours .. This is Darya Ganj .. names like Kucha Chelaan, Gali Chuia Maem, Kamra Bangash, Choodi Walan  and what not !   The sky is always viewed thru the network of a gazillion wires which is remarkable how an electrician ever finds his way around. I love Delhi in winters .. Come July,  I’m out

So anyways, here are just a few of the photos. It was a joyous trip and it shows :




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