Groups. For better or worse

I am part of an artists group. But to tell you the truth, I see people forming groups all the time, everywhere. I wonder if it does anyone any good ? I doubt. Most groups start with a big bang and lotza enthusiaism only to be fizzled out very soon. Then there are groups that are solely for the benifit of the twisted egos of the administrators who so desperately need to feed their egos with all the importance their position holds. I am yet to come across a group that “ACTUALLY” promotes good habits or does something constructively for the cause of the less fortunate or even teaches certain skills to others. Its mostly about a bunch of people meeting and “DISCUSSING” I know of a certain group of artists, that has been doing nothing but still trying to figure out a name for themselves for the past 2 months !! I too wished a some point to form a group, a  group where I could educate little children to teenagers how they could practise ways in reducing waste so as to educate their peers and neighbours and the trend could take on from there, however, due to lack of considerable resources, I shelved the programe, yes shelved not chugged ! Do these groups really do any good ?  I really need to find one that is doing something to bring positive light or change to someones life or even benefit the society in some tiny way .. .. will keep searching .  this article continues ,, ,,