Recycled Art to inspire.

I’m one of those compulsive “junk hoarders” who believes there’s a use to everything created.¬† Hence the two sheds, remember ūüôā ¬†¬†A couple of weeks back¬†I spotted this really cool lamp shade thrown away at one of my neigbours.. Oh yes, you will be amazed at the kinda stuff that is ridicously¬†dumped in Dubai. I have unbelievably seen things without a scratch¬†thrashed out !!!!¬† And for someone who is a firm believer in recyling, it breaks my heart. Why not just dump it in the recycling bin instead of the garbage ?¬† I really feel its a crime, when you see, scores of people in the world without even the basic¬†essentials, and here people shamelessly¬†dump good usable, non expired stuff¬†– why ? Beats¬†me !! I guess we are all alittle spoilt and maybe some of us have had their¬†2-day-fill of what ever¬†MUST-HAVE ¬†item that was !!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Well anyways, theres hope as long as there’s naush.¬† And there’s naush as long as my garage¬†can take it. I have¬†found a fantastic service here, where once you leave your past treasure to them, they¬†then donate a whole lota that stuff at the labour (worker’s) camp. Thats a blessing indeed. To think of it,¬† what seems so useless or old to us, could very much be an essential a fellow has been saving hard to buy. Serves¬†both purposes.

Ok, So going back to my story, I find this lamp shade, which is definetly designer, going by the beautiful finish and¬†gorgeous material used. I¬†was lost for¬†ideas for sometime but waited for the inspiration,¬†until, Bilal told me that he¬†needed to give a small token of appreciation-kinda¬†gift to one of the senior¬†girls in his¬†school who had helped him out initially. This girl is graduating. Voila .. A DOOR HANGER ? A Placard ? or maybe both …

The lampshade was made of a beaded silk fabric which was stiched to this almost-plastic brown carboardish base. It was perfect to serve the purpose.

The butterfly symbolizes the free spirit in a person to dream, to achieve. The two flowers are the two hearts that will be one, one day and ofcourse the beautiful metallic key is determination which is the key to any sucess. I love this quote and hold on to it dearly. What better way to inspire ???           


To inspire

To inspire


Well while I WAS at it, I got stormed by several ideas ! Afterall the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities !!

Here’s the next one : ¬†

chick to chick

chick to chick


do let me know your thoughts too ..

Greeting card

4blogFor sometime now, the base of this card had been designed and I had a block on how to complete it. Finally I got some simple inspiration last night and here we are … … …