Mission : declutter and organize the craft studio

The Organized clutter !

The Organized clutter !

Reorganizing and decluttering my craft studio seems even more of a nightmare than I had initially expected it to be. Its been nearly a month and Not even 10% of the mess is done with. There is barely any space to walk around, ;let aside organize. To make matters great, the Airconditioning conked out and the guys who came for the repair looked at the rooms upstairs as though a hurricane had hit our home. Sam is so distressed becoz of all the spill-off cartons in our master bed room.  Virtually everyday, I’ve had to deal with the fear that anytime now, the bubble is goinna burst !! Being a perfectionist has its flaws. I cant trust anyone to do he kinda work that I know I am doing and therefore, I am carrying more than my share of the load.  I will post the labels for the drawers and shelves in my next post hopefully.

Well at least it is a relief  that the boys study room is ready and looks brand new. I completely loved the colors and impact the stripes are making. I will post a photo soon enough. Also a list of all the things I learnt from my organizing escapade

Here is a list of some of the interesting sites I found which helped in the decluttering and organizing bit :

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A practical article by Chris Casson Madden on the key points to consider when planning a craft room
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Economical solutions for craft areas and storage in the home
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Some good advice on organizing a craft room by Karen Booy
Designing Sewing and Craft Areas
Cynthia Townley Ewer advises sewers and crafters to establish an ‘activity center’ around which a room is designed


Claiming Your Space: A Guide to Reorganizing a Room and Reducing Clutter
Judy Camp discusses planing the space, visualising the activity to take place in that space, clearing out the area and decluttering and then planing from there.
Clearing Clutter To Create
Scott Andrews suggests that clutter hinders creativity and points to clear steps to declutter your life
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Decluttering advice from Cynthia Townley Ewer
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Advice on how to tackle a declutter spring clean by Lisa Hightower

Using Space Effectively 

10 Ideas for Using Your Space Effectively
Maria Gracia lists key ideas for controlling clutter in the home which can easily be applied to sewing and craft rooms

On a list diet !!

On July 5th, My husband and I celebrated cherishing 10 beautiful years together, not that it was completely rosy rosy, oh we’ve had our share of turbulence, but I think Allah Swt had a perfect match for me that’s why we sailed thru those nasty rough seas holding eachother thru it all.  Coming from different cultures and up bringing, it still took us sometime to get to know, understand and adjust to each others habits, needs and temperaments.  But its a gradual process and only persistence, patience and compromise can get you thru it.

While we are on the list diet, I was thinking of listing just a few of the things that I am grateful to my Darling husband for :

I’m grateful…

1. That we’re together today and he takes so much pride in me

2.That we stood by eachother thru the most traumatc times financial and emotional including especially the birth of my third baby Eman. 

3.That he always encourages me and has immense confidence in my abilities.  

4. That having him as my best friend, I have never really needed a best friend, He understands me so well.

5. That he’s such a caring dad to Bilal, Sawaab, Eman, Keiki and Pepper 

6. That just having him at home is such a blessing, especially with all the help I get,especially during school mornings

7. That he let me keep first Keiki then Pepper when I found them even though he’s not a cat person and didn’t want them at first.

8. That he loves my cooking as much as he does.

9. That he gets along so well with my family and makes us all laugh with his crazy jokes and understanding,

10. For the beautiful new car he bought me last year.

 11. That even after all these years I have so much fun with him and look forward to his calls and in general just being with him.

12. For all the great talks we have when we make long-distance drives anywhere.

13. That he can still make my stomach flip when I look into his eyes.

14. That he still finds me attractive.

15. That he is my biggest supporter, both financially and emotionally, and has let me stay home to pursue my crazy dream of craft business these past 4 years and has always stood by my side like that for the past 10 years.

~ Truly he is my better half ~ 

Naush’s list of being grateful for ….

Today is my 200th birthday. Amazing how much has happened in my short life, one day Perhaps I might even write a story on my less-than-adventurous life !


I’m a list fanatic and  I promised myself that I would write down and share some of the things that I am grateful for.


Gratitude is often a practiced emotion. It is an attitude we can train ourselves to step into more often. The more you can cultivate gratitude in your life, the more good things you’ll automatically attract to yourself.  It will help keep your mind focused on positive things. Instead of constantly complaining, you will find that you’re more on the look-out for positive things to write down. Those things that bother you will become petty as you look around and notice that you’re doing pretty good already as it is.


Hopefully my list will serve as a reminder to some of you of things that you are grateful for but have overlooked


1.      I am grateful for my husband

I am the luckiest woman in this world coz my husband is the kindest, most loving and most cooperative man I know of, He has a fantastic sense of humor and is a great father. He also knows how to “handle” ME !!! 

2.    I am grateful for the fulfillment of Motherhood

I have three absolutely gorgeous boys aged 9.7,6  They are the second best thing in my life after my husband and my life revolves around them. They make it possible for me be happy and  to pursue my creative dreams.

3.    I am grateful for the rewards of good health.

 Although I abuse my body with cups and cups of coffee. I am relatively better off than most women.

4.    I am grateful that I have a roof over my head.

 This is our dream home that we bought 3 years back. It is my little piece of heaven on earth.

5.    I am grateful that I was born in a family where My grandmother loved me, supported me and had unbelievable faith in all I did. My small card company is known by her name Amina, Sadly she passed away five years back. I am grateful that she got to see and play with all three of my boys.

6.    I am grateful that I am staying in Dubai, since last 17 years, we have virtually seen it grow in terms of construction, economic growth and tourism, It is one of the nicest and safest places to live in inspite of the high cost of living.  

7.    I am grateful for having my sister so close to me.  Thankfully we are more friends than sisters.

8.    I am grateful for having been blessed with a creative streak. It has been an extension of my personality without which I would be so incomplete.

9.    I am grateful for having been blessed with the unconditional love of my cats. Keiki and Pepper.

10.             I am grateful for having my parentslove and faith

11.  I am grateful that I drive the car I once could only dream off, GMC Yukon, thanks to my husband

12.            I am grateful for being able to Spend Money without Counting the Cost

13.            I am grateful for being able to take annual Vacations in Interesting & Exotic Places.

14.            I am grateful for having a few but friends I can rely on Judy Sauliha, Onaiza, Omer, Shabbir, Philip.

15.            I am grateful for the years I spent working at jobs I did  They have allowed me to learn to work with a wide range of people. That has taught me tolerance and patience with people from different cultures and nationalities.

16.            I am grateful for all the people that I have met on different jobs both colleguaes and clients

17.            I am grateful for each day that I am allowed to share with everyone.

18.           For Being Able to Wake Up at Any Time I Choose.

19.           For the Reassurance of Family Ties

20.           For the Chance to Celebrate another Birthday.


I am grateful that the ALMIGHTY HAS MADE ME THE WAY “I AM”:

  • For My Sense of Humor.
  • For Being Able to just Be Myself.
  • For being frugal.
  • For Not Sweating over the Small Stuff
  • For the Happiness of Helping Others.
  • For Every Setback that Made Me Stronger.
  • For the Courage to Admit When I’m Wrong
  • For the Courage to be Persistent but Not Overbearing.
  • For Standing Up when I Stumble and Fall.
  • For Being Able to Stand Up for My Rights.
  • For Being Able to Reflect on My Greatest Weakness, and Realize how it is My Greatest Strength
  • For the Release of Closure and Moving On.
  • For the Love Lost and the Love Won.
  • For Not Being too Proud to Learn New Things.
  • For Being Able to Learn New Things Each and Everyday.
  • For the Love of My Loved Ones.
  • For Being an Open, Caring and Sharing Person.
  • For Not Giving Up.
  • For Being Able to Support Worthwhile Charities.
  • For all the Good Things I have Done in My Life.
  • For seeing the Positive in a Negative World.  
  • For the Great Many Things I am Going to Do Tomorrow.
  • For Living the Dream.
  • For the Blessings of a Great Career and Business.
  • For the Opportunity of Doing Something New.
  • For Being Able to Cry when I’m Happy.
  • For Being Able to Cruise in My Car.
  • For All the Mistakes I Made, which made me none the wiser.
  • For All The Little Blessings I Take For Granted.
  • For embracing my faults and allowing them to become assets
  • For the Promise of all My Tomorrows.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. The exercise has allowed me to remind myself that I have many, many things to be grateful for and I am sure, So do you.