Young Pakistani’s in the wrong direction.

These Pakistani teenagers have become an internet sensation with their rendition of Justin Bieber, with mum beating out the rhythmn on an old pot. Meet the ‘Justin Bibis’

Budding stars

Many surprises here :-

  • These young girls come from a remote town in Pakistan.
  • They don’t speak English ~ hence write the English pronunciation in Urdu.
  • They have their mothers support.
  • The first recording was done live ~ on a street ~ with bystanders around !!

Ofcourse following their youtube success, fame and recognition came swiftly, as does these days with the social media high.

What does NOT surprise me :-

  • They were hosted by a morning show as well, where they got a full makeover ~ LIVE !!
  • TV channels and show producers, are constantly looking out for unusual, ‘breaking news’ kinda topics to raise their TRP’s but sadly, Pakistani TV casually, glorifies everything non-Islamic.

Young sisters singing on TV is not a new phenomenon is Pakistan. We remember the Benjamin sisters of the 80’s, but here’s a new generation of Urdu-speaking small-town dwellers, who have draped themselves with a dupatta and croon to the likes of Justin Beiber !!! The miracles of new-age telecommunication, I suppose ! Or the long web of shaitaani fitnah.

This young sibling has no idea, of what content they are endorsing in their songs … naturally, neither does their mother.  Sounds nice enough to be sung without considering the repercussions !

From an Islamic point of view, having a woman’s voice heard with a musical set up ~ is not acceptable.

Hundred’s of small-town girls will find inspiration in these sisters, and consider crooning in public or youtube, as a ticket to fame.

Singing as a sign of rejoicing privately, in close confinement where only women are present, in a marriage function is the only exception where music and women can mix as per the teachings of deen !! Yet Pakistan has, long thrown the garb of ‘selective’ Islamic teachings and practices.  A young Malala cannot be sent to school, yet she can be rejoiced on the morning shows !!

That’s not a new one for hypocrisy but it just endorses its absolute presence, shamefully.


What did they achieve ???

Lives were lost ~ homes were lost ~ heritage was lost ~ and an identity lost ~ over 6 decades ago, a lot was at stake to embark on a new identity !! An identity that belonged to being Muslims ! And identity to uphold the values of Islam and an ideal to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.

Fast-forward to 2014 ~ The country has an identity crisis. Regardless of any admission or denial ~ one can easily notice just how confused the generation is ! How in dismay the Government is ! And how wasted the sacrifices of the earlier generations were !! I fail to understand what was achieved ???

To begin with, inspite of over six decades, every state has a bias over the adjoining one such as discriminating them by calling them Muhajireen etc.

The state of public schools, hospitals, roads, transport systems, and municipality is in shambles !! The rich live in a beautiful and hygienic bubble of mineral water ~ while the undernourished majority, queue inside public hospitals for hours while, “DOC SAAB” finishes his “chai break”.

What has become of the Muslim ideology of respecting parents and elders ~ then why do we even have an Edi home ?? Why are muslim women battered and bruised and left for the worldly vultures to devour ? Why and how are married muslim women succumbing to prostitution ?

What little have they achieved when every success is measured in terms of being “accepted” “associated” or “praised” from an Indian counterpart. Every morning show makes it a point mock some aspect of “Indianness” while any interview, has a high TRP if the interviewee has made an appearance in India !! What hypocrisy !!

Democracy was and is, not a part of Islamic shariah, then how does a country boast itself with being democratic AND Islamic ??? Another hypocrisy !!!

While the “ministers” host lavish palatial homes in the Arab cities, the common man back home, is cheated out of his own hard earned property rights !

Perhaps that also adds to one of the reasons, why Pakistani’s are the largest immigrants to Canada, USA and England.

Western clothed women are respected and admired while ladies clad in “burqas” and “niqaabs” are harassed and looked down-upon !

A meal at a fast food chain  or a chai or coffee over at ” xyz”  is considered being trendy regardless of the need or desire  !!

Indian actors and actresses are idolized instead of the Khulfae Rashideen !!  Again, who’s that ? you ask !!

Valentines Day, New Year, Christmas, Mothers day, fathers day  and the likes are largely celebrated on almost every Pakistani channel !!

No muslim country is as extravagant as this society in wastage and pompous show in a marriage ceremony. The Prophet sallalahu alai hi wa salam said ““The most blessed nikah is the one with the least expenses.” [Bayhaqi] and yet, lavish ritualistic processions are followed to keep up with the society-maintained standards. Customs which are bidaat are prevalent and those who wish to guide the corrupt, are labeled as being Ahlas-sunnah, Wahabi,  etc !!

One of the major fitnah is in the strongly established fashion industry which has been promoting shorter and more revealing clothes !!  The craze to “stay hip” and “happening”  is just overwhelming !!  Hasad and hiras go hand in hand ~ we tend to forget that in our graves, we will be solely responsible for our deeds and misdeeds. No community, friend, clan etc, are going to come and defend us there.

Surely a muslim name does not warrant being muslim.  Have they not any fear or shame of how they will face Allah swt in the Akhirah ? Do they not worry of how they are deceiving and misguiding an entire generation ? How do they deal with their conscience in the lust for greed and fame ?? Or even worse, have they already buried and read “Fateha” over their long dead conscience ??

1013319_516606721704891_57296468_n 1797570_517179964980900_360966669_n

Leading the way to the fire !! I wonder, what the founding fathers would have to say ???

1725472_673691172672283_782418296_n 1902872_673239706050763_1909070143_n

Indeed, fame, power, money and the glitz of the glamour industry is far too over powering for these weak and unfortunate souls.

1947530_517171458315084_1805840142_n  1920147_517165014982395_2051453606_n

These dictators of the fashion world are promoting Hinduism !!

1780700_673653839342683_1656865200_n Chest and waist bearing, bare arms and “Bindi” wearing girls ! Surely an identity crisis here !

1959269_516625471703016_1416654304_n  1922462_516625038369726_1838342635_n

Sadly and certainly they have drifted far, very far from Islam.

These photos are just a glimpse of just how lost this lot is 😦

Anything but a Muslim country ~ it is NOT !!