A birthday gift ~ book fan

There are people who indulge in chocolate binging or cookies or even ice cream, when they have an anxiety attack or depression. In my case, I use it to as an excuse to shop !! Oh yeah, but I’m sensible, I would almost never spend on clothes and stuff, my spending is limited to craft supplies or books or decoration or stuff like that .. art related.  (which in truth is as bad if not worse !! )

For almost the past two weeks, We have been confined to the house with studies and more studies, it seems life has almost seized to exist apart from that chore. So yesterday, I took the kids to this huge book fair at the Dubai Airport Expo ! Lo and behold, the place was a books paradise. Books on just about everything and most importantly “C R A F T S !!  Which is somehow difficult to find in Dubai.  Books on rubberstamping, glass painting , collage, mosiac, quilling etc. Very rarely, do we Oh, I could’nt believe my eyes. We completly got lost in the mountains of books on discounted prices. Perhaps I did go a wee bit overboard … OK So I admit, I went completly bonkers !!! I went greedy and selfish and drooled all the way !!!!!!!  Hey wait a minute, but I did buy the kids two books each ! Ok so they had to haggle with me a whole lot to get it till there. But what was I expecting, I’ll take the boys to a books paradise and they will come away without requesting (crying, being stubborn and may be even threatening ) for even one book ??    

In the end we had 29 books and paid a load !!  

And inspite of all the gloom and doom I felt till last morning, I realized I was feeling much better, but a little guilty  when I started unpacking my precious treasures after the shopping.   Already I saw so many projects, which I am just ready to hit out at. Oh but ofcourse, am just going to wait for Bilal’s exams to get over first. 

I suppose it is like therapy.  Anyways, so I decided to call it MY Birthday Present. From me to me. Its another thing that my birthday’s atleast 2 months ahead ! And perhaps till then there will be quite a few crafty tools that would get into that list of ” Birthday Gift from Me to Me ”  

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