Altered Tins

There is good news from the craft studio though. Finally, I felt this gush of inspiration ~ hadda break my long time block and started working on “a couple of projects “. These are my first projects in the last 5 – 6 months. I mean, can you imagine having such a    “l o n g”   block ??  Well I did.

The new organized studio not only leaves more space around to move in but also gives more actual space to work on the work station, which is good. But like any crafter knows, enough is never enough when it comes to work space. Still I feel there are a couple of bags full of craft goodies which have to find a decent box for storage and then the labels !! I dont know why I havent been able to give the labels done as yet ! I think its just the thought of having to climb up to the ceiling to find out whats in the boxes, thats putting me off !!

Coming back to the projects :Its been good so far. That GUSH I was talking about got me taking on two tins at a time !! Yeah .. Am I excieted !  Not only am I recyling the tins but even the paper used is handmade paper.   Only have to finish the lid art works and we’ll be ready for the dance.  Hopefully You’ll be able to see more finished projects by the end of the week !  Here are just the two.cookie tin4

Cookie Tin3

Cookie tin1