To collect or not to collect. What do you collect ?

Ok so yesterday was one of those highly-constructive days. We piled up quite a few chores in the task list and Sam and I managed to nearly complete “All”  of them, which is quite rare,  including having this computer reformatted at Ahsan’s shop.  I could never really understand computer guys. They are almost like technical doctors. You can’t argue with them and just have to go with what they say the problem is !  Well in the end, I gave him a wee bit of my mind and look where it got me .. hey I am writing, aren’t I ?

Today is loaded with another huge list too,, but this one is more domestic in nature.  Sam is working from home. Wonder which ways is better anyways .. .. having him home and not being able to interrupt him is really making me restless. The list contains small and big 20 task ! Lets see how it goes by the end of the day.

  1. The bedroom = 7
  2. Boys room = 2
  3. Craft room = 3
  4. Study room = 2
  5. Lounge room = 5
  6. Reception room = 2

Between the last 15 years, before and after my marriage, I have changed quite a few homes, but some of my must-have collecteables have never changed.  Do you have any hobby of collecting something ? Please share it with me, I would love to know. I love to collect, fridge Magnets, wind chimes, wicker baskets and miniature toys. I suppose the little girl in me never outgrew ! I also collect story books ,.. but thats less as a hobby, more of a necessity for the boys. I was a reading teacher and I believe one of the best gifts we can give our children is the gift of “Reading” . Therefore our little library collection already has more than 300 +/- books. Different age groups and different themes.

I used to love collecting Mugs too.. until I realized this was a hobby that I could cultivate only with a very very large house. Unfortunetly I had over 200 mugs by then !! Yeah, Ofcourse Creative Naush came up with a plan, I started packing sweets and tiny toys in them; wrapping them up in golden wrappin papers knotted  pretty ribbons and off they went to friends and my son’s friends.. needless to say, they are one happy bunch. Still I have in excess of 150 mugs.

Oh and by the way, did any one try out the “PROFESSIONAL TEST” in my previous post ? Please tell me how you fared ?

Breaks over .. gotta get back to the list.