My son after me . . . .

The past couple of weeks have been full of doctors appointments and follow ups. I have been suffering from various small issues and so has hubby. Alot has been on my mind. I suppose children sense it easily when parents are stressed, upset or simply worried.

My youngest son, 9 years old Eman, has an amazing sense of humor and whats even more remarkable is his timing. He has confidence, he is methodical and he is witty. What a combination of extraordinary traits. Truly quite unlike how I was when I was as old as he is today !  If/when my folks were ill when I was young, I would really panic and hold onto my grandma for support and assurance.  These boys are really far more confident than me when I was old as them 🙂

Today when I was bringing back Eman from his after school activities, there was a silence for sometime from the back seat (quite unlike him) . Then he asked what really had me all mushy inside.

“Mama, what will happen to me, if you pass away ?”

A question every mother dreads yet answers always in the positive with alot of assurance lest her prized possession worries himself.  The question came out of a bolt and in the few seconds that I registered it and formed an appropriate answer in my mind, with “almost tears” building up in my eyes  .. .. ..

He continued to ask with serious concern in his voice, ” I mean, who’s going to teach me how to get a credit card or how to get a drivers licence.?????

It took me a few seconds more to zap back those tears and realize, he had ofcourse pulled off a loaded one on me !!! Kids, I tell you. What worries these little chaps have at age 9 !!!

When he was 7 years old, he has hurt his knee pretty bad, in a soccer game. While the nurse tended to him, without shedding a tear, he asked his class teacher a question, she related to me the following afternoon.  He asked her quite seriously, “Does that mean, its the end of my soccer career ?? Give me the truth Miss ”

We really had a laugh that day thinking of how my 7 year old worries about his soccer career !

Then on another occasion he was asked to sing a couple of songs for a bunch of relatives whom we were visiting in India, whom we knew rather briefly, just to break ice with them we encouraged him to sing a couple of english songs.  Ofcourse, he loves an audience and after his performance, he got a loud applause. He bowed down several times, and blew kisses at everybody saying “Thank you .. thank you … you are too kind … I love this audience. He must have been 7 then. His comments amazed them more than his songs did.

Such is my little son. A witty charmer. So I think, he’s going to do pretty well with me and even after me ! Inshallah.

Smart boys ~ Growing up : growing wiser

In the past few months we had noticed the boys were begining to get very edgy and possessive. I presumed it had to do with growing up and being boys, but sam decided to give them a small talk and lay out a few rules before someone really got hurt. So one of those rules was :  Once we gave our brothers or friends, a gift, we dont ask it back. It shows dishonour and disrespect. The boys have held back on this rule for weeks now, which I am pleased to say has been very sucessful …………. Until ………… until two days back,  While folding the laundry in my bedroom,  I could clearly hear a very formal conversation between the three of them. (strange how they can speak so loud to each other and expect Mom wont hear it !! )

A little about my Actors :

Bilal : 9 yrs                Sawaab : 7yrs                 Eman : 6 yrs

Sawaab ” Eman,  That station ( presumeably the new traffic station I got them  — TO SHARE ) doesn’t only belong to you. Mama got it for everyone,”

Eman being very defence, ” oh ya ? Well Bilal said I could have it if I gave him my Action Man”

A moments pause, while Bilal decides how he justifies his stand, ” Look sawaab, Eman is small and he can play with it, what do we need it for anyways ? 

At this point let me advise you that the difference between Sawaab and Eman is just 11 months. Although sawaab is a more sporty kinda kid, he also has very similar toy tastes as Eman.

Eman trying to find a way to his advantage., ” Sawaab remember Abba said that we should not ask back a gift once we gave it ? ”

Sawaab found a brilliant clause in this, ” Yeah Eman, but that was about gifting it, but Bilal has not gifted it to you, he has traded it to you. In trading we can take back.  Besides, it belonged to all of us then how could Bilal give it to you ?”

Mother’s reaction : Stunned ! I leave my folding for a moment to think about what this little 7 year old just said !! This generation does not cease to amaze me !    Their intelligence and their spontaneity ! They have confidence and they know how to get the better half of the deal. 

The case never landed in my court for obvious reasons, Mom would cut off the whole deal and ask them all to share the toy.

But the clause to Abba’s rule was decided today. We dont take back a gift once given, BUT we CAN  if we are “TRADING TOYS ”

Naughty and nice

Naughty and nice


One or all of my boys are going to study Law or write the law !!!

They have just learnt the way to get out of a sticky situation by applying some witty clauses here !

This photo was taken at the Global village in December 2008 before the India trip. Sam bought them these guns, much to my disagreement. But then we do have a democracy rule in “such matters” and how could I win in a  1:4 ratio ?  Let them enjoy their treats.